Jennifer Aniston has not expressed forgiveness towards Brad Pitt in the wake of his split from Angelina Jolie, despite a flurry of reports. These rumors were sparked by a made-up tabloid cover story that has since snowballed online. But Gossip Cop can once again confirm it's all fake news.

"Jennifer Aniston Forgives Brad Pitt After Angelina Jolie Divorce," reads a new headline from The Inquisitr, which contends, "Brad Pitt is on a mission to correct his wrongs following his split from Angelina Jolie. The Fight Club actor recently apologized to Jennifer Aniston for leaving her for the Girl, Interrupted actress." The webloid goes on to claim, "The Just Go with It actress has accepted Brad's apology and wants to be his good friend for a lifetime."

The site further purports, "Earlier this month, the Ocean's Thirteen star reportedly approached the Marley & Me actress and said sorry for everything he had put her through... An insider revealed that he was determined to apologize for his bad behavior and rudeness, and all the hurt feelings Jennifer had suppressed for years came flooding to the surface." The outlet adds that while Aniston and Pitt won't be getting back together, "She has reportedly accepted his apology and asked him to focus on his career."

Notably, the online publication filed this tale under "Rumors," but failed to mention it's a rumor that was actually debunked nearly three weeks ago. This misinformation was first published by In Touch, which ran a fabricated cover story falsely claiming Aniston "broke down" after Pitt made a "love confession" and apologized to her for his supposed wrongdoings. So, how did the claims end up in a post from The Inquisitr weeks later? Well, the website cites the unreliable gossip blog Celebrity Insider, which in turns cites In Touch sister outlet Life & Style.

This is a great example of the gossip grapevine and how inaccurate print stories can end up spreading online. In fact, The Sun also picked up the falsehoods earlier this month, wrongly alleging Pitt apologized to Aniston for hurting her with Jolie. But this has all been fake news from the get-go. As Gossip Cop exclusively confirmed with the actress' rep, Aniston and Pitt never had any such conversation filled with apologies and forgiveness. These erroneous claims are being repeated over and over again, but all one needs to do is trace the gossip trail to realize there was no merit to them to begin with.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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