Jennifer Aniston’s Family Did NOT Say They Liked Brad Pitt “More” Than Justin Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston Family Brad Pitt Justin Theroux

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Family Brad Pitt Justin Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston’s family did not say they liked Brad Pitt “more” than Justin Theroux. A certain website is promoting a “bombshell interview,” but it’s really meaningless clickbait. Gossip Cop can bust the deception, which amounts to fake news.

“We Liked Brad More! Jen’s Family Speaks Out After Her Split From Justin,” reads the headline from RadarOnline on Thursday. Based on the title, it would be reasonable for readers to conclude that multiple family members made comments about liking Pitt more than Theroux. That is not actually the case. What the site actually has is an alleged interview with Aniston’s cousin, Markos Papasifakis, who never made such a statement.

In fact, when the outlet asserts Aniston’s “family is now admitting they preferred the actress with her ex,” it’s a flat-out lie. It’s also a lie when the blog contends the cousin “admitted he wasn’t a big fan of Theroux.” Papasifakis is merely quoted as saying, “I never met him but I heard [from a relative] that he was alright.” What’s more is that the online publication goes on to acknowledge that “Papasifakis stressed he doesn’t have a true opinion of Theroux due to their distance.”

As for Pitt, Papasifakis did describe Aniston’s ex-husband as a “very nice guy,” one whom he knew because he attended the actress’ wedding to Pitt in 2000. He never, however, said anything about liking the actor more than Theroux, nor did anyone else in the family. Talk about an oversell. It’s also worth noting that Papasifakis isn’t exactly a worthwhile source. This same family member spoke out in 2013 about Aniston’s wedding, even though she ultimately didn’t marry until 2015. And Papasifakis wasn’t there when it happened.

But RadarOnline has a documented history of contacting random relatives of celebrities and spinning their comments into misleading articles. In 2016, the online publication misrepresented remarks from Jennifer Garner’s dad to falsely claim her divorce from Ben Affleck was off. In 2017, a chat with Anna Faris’ father was twisted to wrongly make it seem like he revealed the “truth” behind her split with Chris Pratt. Just a couple of months ago, the website also tried duping readers into thinking Angelina Jolie’s uncle was telling “all” on “family secrets.” And Howard Stern even slammed the site last year for calling his mom.

In addition, Gossip Cop must remind fans that when Aniston announced her separation from Theroux, they jointly stated, “Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else’s fictional narrative.” This article from the blog certainly falls into that category.

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