OK! Magazine Determined To Publish False Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Stories

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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant OK magazine

By Michael Lewittes |

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant OK magazine

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Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant nor did she undergo IVF, despite OK! magazine trying to repeatedly (and wrongly) claim she’s expecting a baby with Justin Theroux. It’s all untrue, and the tabloid falsely stating it over and over will not make it true. Gossip Cop is exclusively told, “It’s absolutely false” and the often discredited magazine “won’t let it go.”

Gossip Cop has learned that late on Tuesday, a staffer at the tabloid shot off a note to Theroux’s rep stating rather definitively that the outlet was “preparing a story for publication in which sources claim Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with Justin Theroux’s child,” after having undergone IVF treatments. Tellingly, the magazine never asked Theroux’s rep whether the story was true or not. It simply seemed determined to publish the untrue story.

Gossip Cop is immensely interested in knowing who exactly the sources are for OK! because their track record, for lack of a better word, sucks. On September 12, 2012, the tabloid declared on a cover, “Finally It’s Baby Time!” That was followed with the equally inaccurate cover, “Jen: Yes, I’m Pregnant With Twins.” The following year proved equally embarrassing for the tabloid’s so-called Aniston and Theroux “sources.” In January 2013, the publication put out a cover that read, “Jen & Justin Elope To Mexico!” They actually wed more than two and a half years later on August 5, 2015 in California.

February 2013 brought the OK! cover “Jen Talks Twins,” followed the next month by “Jen & Justin Finally Married!” By June 2013, the sloppily reported magazine declared, “Jen: Pregnant And Alone!” In October of that year, the publication falsely heralded, “Twin Boys For Jen!” and then three weeks later claimed she was again “Pregnant & Alone.”

In October 2014, the tabloid once more wrongly reported on a cover, “Jen & Justin Finally Married!” In January 2015, there was the untrue “Pregnant Jen Wedding In Paradise” claim. And of course, to fill in the quieter times, the magazine repeatedly falsely alleged that Theroux and Aniston were living “separate lives.” Come February 2016, the untrustworthy outlet reported Aniston was sporting a baby “bump.” Then, five weeks later in late March 2016, OK! sold on newsstands an inaccurate cover story that alleged “Jen Adopts Two Girls.”

Not one of those stories proved to be true. Not one. All of those magazine covers were lies.

That brings us to the magazine’s latest attempted fabrication. Clearly, as noted before, the reporter was not interested in finding out whether the story is true or if its “sources” have accurate information. No, the tabloid darted off a last-minute letter to Theroux’s publicist to thwart off potential litigation because among the thresholds for libel are malice and negligence. And by sending its perfunctory email to Theroux’s rep, the magazine can proverbially cover its ass for publishing yet untrue story.

Theroux’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop the proposed OK! claim that Aniston is pregnant via IVF is “absolutely false.” We sincerely hope that if the tabloid won’t listen to the truth from the actor’s spokesperson, it will at least hear Gossip Cop out and not publish yet another lie about the couple.


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