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Jennifer Aniston has been a tabloid target for more than a decade. But over the last week, there's been an avalanche of fake news about her in both tabloids and on websites, due to her separation from Justin Theroux. Check out five recent examples below, all fact-checked by Gossip Cop.

1. While Aniston and Theroux were obviously having issues as their relationship wound down, Us Weekly claimed their woes led him to stay in a guest house on their Los Angeles estate. A seemingly misinformed source told the gossip magazine he would "typically spend most of his time" in there, and "in the final months of their marriage, [he] would end up sleeping in the guest house." It was even alleged he felt "more comfortable" there than in the "main house" with Aniston. But Gossip Cop learned there is no actual guest house on the property.

2. "We're getting married again," read a phony quote on the cover of this week's NW, which claimed Aniston and ex-husband Brad Pitt were planning to remarry in the wake of her split from Theroux. Neither Aniston nor Pitt ever actually made such a declaration, but the outlet maintained they were "romantically reunited" and "getting ready for another walk down the aisle." It was predicted they'd tie the knot in Mexico, and further alleged that they "purchased a new home" together. Gossip Cop was assured these claims were all fiction. While the former spouses have occasionally been in touch over the years, they haven't actually seen one another in quite some time.

3. In Touch wanted readers to believe this week that Aniston and Pitt have been having "secret sleepovers." A purported "family friend" was quoted as saying, "Brad and Jen are spending more and more time together." According to the publication, that meant having under-the-radar overnight stays at L.A. hotels. The alleged source supposedly insisted, "It's definitely getting serious again." But this was all seriously wrong, Gossip Cop confirmed. In fact, it appeared to be fabricated, much like other Aniston-Pitt cover stories the tabloid has published.

4. Us Weekly's cover focused on "intimate love notes from Brad" that Aniston allegedly kept and Theroux supposedly found. A so-called "source" allegedly told the magazine that "two years ago," Theroux "stumbled upon old Post-Its" from Pitt, leading to a dispute with Aniston. Tellingly, though, it was never said where Theroux alleged discovered the messages, or what the purported 2016 incident had to do with him and Aniston breaking up now in 2018. Moreover, a rep for the actress exclusively told Gossip Cop the claims were a "fabrication," as there were "no Post-It notes."

5. HollywoodLife has been trying to exploit Aniston's split by manufacturing reactions from Pitt, Angelina Jolie and, most recently, Selena Gomez. The site claimed to know the singer was "absolutely heartbroken" over the separation from Theroux, as he and Aniston were her romantic "inspiration." But, asserted the blog, Gomez wasn't going to let their breakup "deter her from thinking she can have her happy ending" with Justin Bieber. The notion, of course, that Gomez would be considering letting another celebrity couple's demise affect her own love life was ridiculous. And just like those legitimately connected to Pitt and Jolie don't dish to the website, no one close to Gomez offered up her opinion on Aniston, either, Gossip Cop confirmed.

The gossip media is seemingly obsessed right now with coming up with more and more Aniston angles. But the vast majority of these tales, such as the ones above, don't stand up to scrutiny. That's why Gossip Cop remains committed to fact-checking and informing readers what's real and what's untrue rumor in this era of fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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