Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone NOT At “War” Over Justin Theroux, Despite Claim

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Jennifer Aniston Emma Stone War

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Emma Stone War

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Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone are not at “war” over Justin Theroux, contrary to an inaccurate claim. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue story. The women are not fighting and have no reason to be.

But according to The Hollywood Gossip, Aniston is “having a little trouble letting go” of Theroux. The site contends that after being “enraged” by his “relationship with Selena Gomez,” now “she’s concerned about a different young starlet who may have caught her ex’s eye.” That “young starlet,” of course, is said to be Stone. With the La La Land star and Theroux supposedly growing “close,” the outlet alleges Aniston is “very, very unhappy about the situation.”

This narrative, however, is based on a debunked RadarOnline report, which claimed Aniston wanted to get “revenge” on Stone. When Gossip Cop busted the unsubstantiated tale, we pointed out that reps for the actresses had already denied on the record that they were at odds. Aniston’s spokesperson even specifically told us this “revenge” angle was “absolute nonsense.”

It should also be noted that Stone and Theroux’s mutual close friend Jonathan Van Ness has publicly denied they’re in a “romance.” Additionally, a source close to the Oscar winner last week told Gossip Cop point-blank, “There is no relationship between Emma and Justin. All of it is BS.” Given that the “Maniac” co-stars are just “friends and colleagues,” as we were told, there was no basis for RadarOnline claiming Aniston wanted “revenge” on her.

And now there’s similarly no basis for The Hollywood Gossip asserting the women are at “war.” The blog has no evidence to support such a contention. In fact, it merely regurgitates RadarOnline’s debunked claims, without offering any proof that they’re legitimate. Instead, outlet editorializes that the allegations are “pretty ominous-sounding stuff.” Sadly, though, it’s not surprising the website has chosen fiction over fact.

This same site was among the publications earlier this year to falsely claim Aniston and Pitt were rekindling their romance, affecting her marriage to Theroux. There’s even additional wrong allegations within this latest story, aside from the Stone-related contentions. Despite what’s alleged, Aniston has not been “enraged” by Theroux’s friendship with Gomez, and as opposed to having “trouble letting go” of her ex, People reported back in March that Aniston was “moving on.”

The gossip media seems dead-set on portraying the “Friends” star as someone who is obsessed with her estranged husband, and particularly fixated on his love life. But repeating something doesn’t make it true, and two wrongs don’t make a right. And as explained here, both RadarOnline and The Hollywood Gossip are wrong about Aniston taking aim at Stone over Theroux.


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