Jennifer Aniston And Eddie Redmayne’s “Cozy New Friendship” Has Justin Theroux “Steaming,” Claims National Enquirer

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Jennifer Aniston Eddie Redmayne

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Eddie Redmayne

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There is NOTHING going on between Jennifer Aniston and Eddie Redmayne, despite a sensational tabloid story that falsely claims Justin Theroux is “steaming” about their supposed “cozy new friendship.” Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this nonsense.

The allegation comes from the National Enquirer, which quotes a so-called “close pal of Jen and Justin” as saying, “Jen and Eddie got VERY close after running into each other a lot on the Oscar circuit. He smothers Jen with compliments and she laps up the attention. She says his accent and boyish charm are irresistible.”

The National Enquirer says Redmayne’s recent marriage “hasn’t stopped him from gushing over Aniston,” and now Theroux is “not amused with the attention being lavished on his lady love.” The tabloid’s alleged source claims, “He saw that Jen and Eddie have been texting and calling each other, and confronted her about it.” Still, the magazine’s source alleges Aniston nevertheless invited Redmayne “over to her house for cocktails when Justin wasn’t around.”

“They were discussing the possibility of doing a movie together, but they definitely had a blast,” continues the supposed National Enquirer snitch, who further claims, “Jen has refused to stop talking to Eddie, and she warned Justin that he needs to grow up and deal with it.” Gossip Cop would like to know how the National Enquirer will “deal” with this: We’ve learned its story is a total fabrication.

A rep for Aniston calls the story “absurd,” telling Gossip Cop exclusively that the actress “only knows Eddie from running into him at awards shows.” There have been no texts, no phone calls, no secret cocktails at her home. They haven’t even been pictured together since last November (see above). Any suggestion that there’s something more going on between Aniston and Redmayne is a complete lie.


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