Jennifer Aniston NOT “Dumped” By Justin Theroux, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Dumped

By Michael Lewittes |

Jennifer Aniston Dumped

(Life And Style)

Jennifer Aniston has not been “dumped” by her new husband Justin Theroux, despite an entirely predictable tabloid magazine cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this report. We’re told it’s “completely false.”

According to Life & Style, Aniston got “dumped” by Theroux after only “21 days of marriage.” The tabloid first claims the newlyweds have been “fighting nonstop.” Then the magazine trots out one of its seemingly phony sources who is quoted as saying, “She can’t even fake the happiness anymore. Jen is wondering if she made the biggest mistake of her life by marrying Justin.”

After noting that Theroux flew off to the Texas set of his HBO series, “The Leftovers,” not long after they returned from their honeymoon in Bora Bora, the tabloid has a so-called “friend” claim Theroux is “happier when he’s away from her than when he’s with her.”

The magazine also alleges that while in Atlanta to film Mother’s Day, Aniston had “a huge blowup fight over Skype” with Theroux. Even though it was a private two-way conversation, somehow one of the tabloid’s magical sources knew that Aniston supposedly “exploded, and yelled that she wanted her husband by her side, in person. Then she hung up on him.”

Despite the split, the magazine maintains Aniston has “vowed to go through with the adoption” of a little girl, as she had planned. The tabloid adds that the actress will soon bring her baby girl home “with or without Justin.”

Once again, Gossip Cop has learned this is all tabloid fiction. There was no “phone call that changed everything,” as the tabloid claims, nor is Aniston going to raise an “adopted baby girl alone.” And most importantly, the actress was not “dumped after 21 days.”

As Gossip Cop exclusively reported last month, the stories out of Life & Style about Aniston adopting a baby girl are 100 percent not true. Additionally, Aniston’s rep tells only Gossip Cop that she and Theroux, who were both well-aware of each other’s work commitments before marrying last month, are not fighting. And the main claim that Aniston has been “dumped,” says her rep, is “completely false.”

Obviously, Gossip Cop is not remotely shocked that the story is fabricated. Remember, Life & Style is the same tabloid Gossip Cop busted when it falsely reported in July 2014 that Aniston was “dumped on her wedding day.” We similarly corrected the magazine when it wrongly claimed on its cover that Aniston was “3 months pregnant” in April, and then “dumped” (again) this past May.

Perhaps it’s time for the tabloid to “dump” its inaccurate cover stories.


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