Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie NOT “Dumped At Same Time,” Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Dumped Angelina Jolie

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Dumped Angelina Jolie

(In Touch)

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie have NOT been “dumped at the same time,” despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the report, which is 100 percent false.

The new edition of In Touch announces “Jen & Angie’s Humiliation.” Inside the magazine, a headline about Aniston blares, “Dumped After Her First Anniversary.” “Not again! Jennifer Aniston faces more heartbreak as her second marriage crumbles,” claims the accompanying story.

It’s alleged Aniston “really laid into” husband Justin Theroux after a supposedly disappointing at-home anniversary celebration. “She called him out for being a grump all week and for ruining what should have been a blissful time together,” says a so-called “friend.” And with Theroux then returning to Australia to film “The Leftovers,” the supposed source claims Aniston “got dumped. They have spoken since, but only briefly and curtly. Jen was devastated. It’s over.”

The story also claims Brad Pitt has come between them, as the actor has supposedly “reconnected” with his ex-wife. And yet, despite declaring their relationship “over,” the alleged tipster goes on to provide the tabloid an out by saying Aniston is “not giving up on their marriage — or on him.” As for Jolie, the headline on her section of the cover story declares, “Brad Walks Out On Angelina.”

The article claims, “Angelina Jolie pushes Brad Pitt too far when she loses it over his beautiful co-star — and Jennifer Aniston.” It’s specifically claimed the recent trailer for Allied, Pitt’s film with Marion Cotillard, “sent Jolie over the edge” due its romantic and seductive scenes. And after Jolie “really went nuclear,” Pitt supposedly “lost it,” contends the publication.

The argument, said to have taken place days before their second wedding anniversary, ended when Pitt supposedly “walked out.” And, of course, it’s said that Jolie’s reaction upon hearing her husband was back in touch with Aniston was “the worst of all.” Now, claims an alleged “friend,” Pitt is “done.”

But we’ve heard this all before. Earlier this month, for instance, Gossip Cop busted an In Touch cover story that wrongly reported Pitt was “caught” with Aniston on the phone. We’ve also debunked several inaccurate tabloid claims about the actor and Cotillard having a less than professional relationship.

There’s also two other telltale signs that this new cover story is a fabrication. For one, last week In Touch asserted Aniston and Theroux’s anniversary was a “bust,” but the piece didn’t mention any of these supposed details, including the alleged split. If the magazine was really in the know, it would’ve known what went down from the get-go.

And second, there’s no mention of Aniston being pregnant, as alleged in a June cover story from the same magazine, or Jolie adopting an African child, as claimed in July. The tabloid just publishes lies on top of lies, regardless of accuracy and consistency. This new cover story is just one more to add to the inaccurate bunch. Gossip Cop is assured neither Aniston nor Jolie has been “dumped” by their respective husbands. A rep for Aniston even tells us exclusively, “They are insane at In Touch.” Hard to disagree.

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