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Jennifer Aniston is not looking to "destroy" Justin Theroux, despite a made-up cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the fabricated report. Much of the article's claims have already been debunked, while some of the new ones are easily proven to be untrue.

According to Woman's Day, Aniston is "plotting her payback" against Theroux after there have been several photos taken of him with Emma Stone in the U.S. and Europe. A so-called "source" tells the publication that Aniston "feels betrayed and can't believe how fast Justin appears to have moved on." "It's almost like he's purposefully trying to hurt her," maintains the magazine's alleged tipster. The supposed insider asserts it particularly "hurts" because Stone is "an old friend of Jennifer's."

While reputable outlets have noted Theroux and Stone are just friends, the tabloid claims "Jennifer's not buying it." "She saw the photos," says the Aniston "source," adding "Anyone can tell there's sparks there." Of course, that actually reads more like the publication is basing its story on photos of Theroux and Stone. Not only has a mutual friend of ours and the actress said on background she's not romantically involved with "The Leftovers" star, but Stone herself told WWD that Theroux's "like my brother."

Still, the outlet contends Aniston is looking to take "revenge," which the tabloid reports is "starting with a makeover to prove just what Justin's missing." The magazine's "source" says, "She's allegedly spent close to $200,000 overhauling her look and it's basically a big middle finger to Justin." The former "Friends" star supposedly dropped that massive amount of money on dietitians, personal trainers and all sorts of cosmetic and spa treatments, including "$5,000 Evian water baths."

It should be noted here that a "close source" to Aniston would not use such wishy-washy journalistic language as "allegedly spent." Also, while it may sound extremely decadent (and a waste of money) to take "$5,000 Evian water baths," it also makes no sense since Aniston has been a spokesperson for Smartwater for more than a decade. Not only did a rep, speaking on behalf of Aniston, already deny she's spent $200,000 on cosmetic procedures following her split from Theroux, but the actress herself has talked about how she cares for her famous face. In an interview with InStyle, Aniston shared that the secret to her flawless skin involves some lasers, facial, ingesting fish oils and a probiotic but one's "best bets for really great skin" are lots of water and sleep.

From there, the article veers into even more inaccurate territory, claiming the actress has been dating Jake Gyllenhaal. The ill-informed or seeming clueless "source" says, "She likes Jake. They certainly have chemistry... and [are] enjoying each other's company." It was actually Women' s Day that started this false rumor in May. As Gossip Cop reported, Aniston and Gyllenhaal are not dating and they weren't even in the same city on the day the tabloid wrongly maintained they had a date during which he supposedly "had his arm around her" and "kissed her." While Aniston had lunch in New York at Nello's on April 24, Gyllenhaal was shooting the movie Buzzsaw in Los Angeles. Additionally, his rep also denied Gyllenhaal's dating Aniston.

Next, the tabloid regurgitates another one of its falsehoods, alleging Aniston is going to do a tell-all interview with Ellen DeGeneres, during which she's supposedly going to "lift the lid on her divorce." "She's so angry, she wants to go all-out and make him suffer some of the embarrassment she's had to endure." That, too, is a complete fabrication. While it's true Aniston and DeGeneres are friends, there is no sit-down planned to bash Theroux, a claim the publication first floated in April. Her rep even assured us on-the-record it was "made-up [garbage]."

Curiously, for this new tall tale, the tabloid left out how Aniston was going to dish to the talk-show host about her alleged renewed romance with Brad Pitt. Two months ago, when the magazine initially made its untrue claims about Aniston blasting Theroux on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show," the publication was also pushing a whole fictionalized world in which Aniston and Pitt were secretly hooking up in a home in the Hollywood Hills and planning a wedding in Hawaii. But, as widely reported, the ex-spouses haven't even seen one another in a very long time.

Conclusion: Aniston is not trying to "destroy" Theroux, and the tabloid offered no proof whatsoever to back up its claim. It merely threw out the premise, all hinged on one unnamed and untraceable "source." In reality, the estranged spouses anticipated that a slew of manufactured stories like this would be written about them. When they announced their split on February 15, they made a point of saying how the "gossip industry cannot resist an opportunity to speculate and invent," so unless information comes from them (or, by extension, their spokespeople), fans should not believe anyone else's "fictional narrative."

Moreover, all of the contentions about Aniston getting a $200,000 makeover, dating Gyllenhaal, and doing an interview with DeGeneres have previously been proven to be 100 percent untrue. While the magazine offered no evidence to corroborate its cover story, Gossip Cop has transparently listed a number of outlets, sources, and other publicly available reports that we used to fact-check our article. And for those reasons, we are giving the tabloid's tale a zero out of 10.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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