Jennifer Aniston Dating A Tech Mogul?

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Jennifer Aniston Dating

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Jennifer Aniston Dating

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Has Jennifer Aniston been dating a tech mogul? That was the claim on the cover of a celebrity magazine 12 months ago today. At the time, Gossip Cop reported the story was untrue, and now a year later it’s clear we were right and a popular publication’s article was false.

Exactly a year ago, Us Weekly insisted on its front page (below) that Aniston was back on the dating scene and with a tech mogul she had met through a friend. The outlet also alleged there was another man she was seeing in the entertainment industry. The actress got involved with the second man, asserted a source, after they worked together on a project.

As Gossip Cop noted back then, it was surprising the publication ran a cover story which lacked key details and offered no proof whatsoever of its premise. Never mentioned in the piece was who either of those men supposedly were. The tabloid had no names for either boyfriend nor physical descriptions about what they looked like. It was even vague about what one guy did in tech and what the other’s role was in show business.

The outlet simply contended 365 days ago that it had an (unnamed) “insider” who maintained Aniston was dating “two men.” When the article came out, Gossip Cop related how the actress’s spokesperson intimated that Aniston had too much on her plate professionally to be involved with anyone, let alone two different guys. Of course, a full year has passed and not only hasn’t she been legitimately linked to someone special, but Aniston herself said in an interview in Harper’s Bazaar’s current issue how she’s had no time for dating and that it hasn’t been a priority.

While Us Weekly is generally more reliable than some of its sister publications, such as Star and the National Enquirer, it still occasionally gets articles wrong, including its cover story about Aniston finding “love” with a tech mogul and a man in the entertainment industry. Just a few months before that, Gossip Cop debunked another front page report from that magazine about how before they split up, Justin Theroux found love notes from Brad Pitt to Aniston. Again, while that piece was based on an anonymous source, Aniston’s rep assured Gossip Cop the tale was completely “fabricated.”

And while it’s not uncommon these days for its sister outlet In Touch to publish inaccurate stories about Aniston having a baby girl with Pitt, Us Weekly has also printed bogus claims about her expecting. For example, Gossip Cop corrected the tabloid when it untruthfully reported Aniston was pregnant with Theroux’s baby in 2013. Obviously, that was way off-base.

As Gossip Cop has stated before, we sometimes reexamine articles to remind readers about the importance of even questioning magazines that are considered more trustworthy than others. Among the red flags in that particular instance was the entire narrative was predicted on an untraceable source, and there were virtually no specifics. A year later, Aniston is still not dating anyone, including a tech mogul.

Jennifer Aniston Dating Again

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