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After Us Weekly claimed Jennifer Aniston had "found love" again, the celebrity news business went into high drive with a tons of stories, including a recent one about her "casually dating" following her split from Justin Theroux. However, they all lacked specifics or proof. Not one article that's been published mentions who Aniston is dating, where they've supposedly gone out, or precisely who introduced the actress to her new man or men.

The answer is simple: None of these outlets have any particular insight. They're just spitting out generalities about Aniston and the universal desire to love or be loved. As noted, it all began last week with that Us Weekly cover, which vaguely and wrongly alleged the Aniston is dating "two men."

Again, the magazine maintained one boyfriend is a "tech titan introduced to Aniston by a close friend." What's his name? What tech business is he involved with? And which close friend made the match? Naturally, the tabloid, which is a sister publication of the National Enquirer and Globe, among others, had no answers to any of those basic questions that a respected outlet should have before splashing it on a cover.

The second man was nebulously described as an "industry creative." Is he an agent, manager, producer, writer, director? What does Aniston like about this "creative" guy"? Does she prefer the unnamed "industry creative" over the equally untraceable "tech titan"?

It's precisely this non-transparency, which plagues celebrity journalism, that seemingly led to an equally uninformative "Entertainment Tonight" article that declared, "Jennifer Aniston Is 'Casually Dating' After Split From Justin Theroux." In that story, an unidentified "source" is quoted as saying, "Jennifer has never felt she needed a man, but she loves love." Does that really offer any insight into Aniston or is that actually more a statement about millions of strong, independent women? Covering its tracks for when the actress is not seen on the arm of a man anytime soon, the TV show's website's "source" adds, "Jennifer is casually dating, but right now nothing serious."

That wishy-washy report was picked up by a number of other outlets that didn't bother to fact-check, including OK!, another sister magazine of Us Weekly. And Star, also in the same publishing family as Us Weekly, recently claimed Aniston was involved with a director and might even be pregnant with his baby. Not surprisingly, that story was untrue, and came from the very same tabloid that falsely asserted a few months ago Aniston was "back on" with Brad Pitt.

The latest Star article came out just a week and a half ago, and while these other outlets have based their vague and facts-deprived "dating" stories on unnamed tipsters, Aniston's rep, who speaks on behalf of the actress, told Gossip Cop on the record that she does not have a boyfriend. Basically, all these non-transparent and unverified tales are nothing more than wrong, regurgitated or reconfigured rumors. The reality is Aniston isn't a fan of dating, although like most people she does believe in love and spending her life with someone. And, as Gossip Cop has previously reported, Aniston is busy now filming Netflix's Murder Mystery in Montreal with Adam Sandler and not "dating casually" a tech titan, industry creative or any other unidentified man.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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