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In the less than four months since Jennifer Aniston separated from Justin Theroux, the tabloids have linked her to a number of other men. Despite these claims, the actress isn't actually pursuing a new romance right now. Below, Gossip Cop takes a look at five of the wrong rumors.

Most notably, even before her February split from Theroux, the gossip media was reuniting Aniston with ex-husband Brad Pitt. Last December, for instance, Gossip Cop busted tales about the exes meeting up in Aspen. And to no one's surprise, after her breakup with Theroux, a number of magazines were quick to allege she and Pitt were officially rekindling their relationship. Among the most egregious of these narratives was an In Touch cover story earlier this month that announced the former spouses were having a baby together. Pitt's rep deemed the claim "absolutely ridiculous," while Aniston's spokesperson called it "completely absurd and a total fabrication." That made sense, considering People had already reported Pitt and Aniston hadn't seen each other "in ages" and had no interest in reuniting.

In March, RadarOnline alleged Aniston "would love to date" Orlando Bloom. A purported pal was quoted as saying, "Jen's very open about wanting to hit the dating scene and Orlando's at the top of her list of crushes." The site acknowledged that Bloom was in an on-and-off relationship with Katy Perry, who was deemed a "major obstacle" for the "Friends" star. Consequently, the blog's supposed source warned, "Don't be surprised if this gets messy." But as Gossip Cop reported, Aniston had no intention of pursuing Bloom, with her spokesperson telling us the story was "nonsense." Meanwhile, Bloom and Perry have not only reconnected, but are fully back together.

That same month, In Touch took a break from Pitt stories to claim Aniston was "getting close" with Will Arnett after they were seen hanging out together at Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars party. The magazine even alleged they "sneaked out" of the bash together. But Gossip Cop learned from an attendee that they actually left as "part of a big group that included at least "seven other people." Arnett's own spokesperson also told Gossip Cop that he and Aniston were "longtime friends" and nothing more. Grazia, however, recycled the debunked contentions in April to allege a romance was blossoming, highlighting that they were both on a star-studded trip to Tahiti. But the vacation included a lot of famous pals, from Courteney Cox to Jason Bateman, and was not an indication of a new relationship. And again Gossip Cop was told Aniston and Arnett intended to remain "just buds."

By early May, the focus turned Jake Gyllenhaal, with Woman's Day claiming he and Aniston were spied on a dinner date at the Manhattan restaurant Nello. There were two significant problems with this allegation: Aniston was seen at the establishment for lunch, and on that day, Gyllenhaal was in Los Angeles filming the Netflix movie Velvet Buzzsaw, his rep confirmed to Gossip Cop. Photos of Aniston in NYC even showed her leaving the restaurant alone during the day. Despite the evidence that this alleged date never happened, other publications glommed onto the storyline, with OK! Australia even claiming the pair was set up by Reese Witherspoon. That was merely a lie based on a false premise.

And just last week, NW claimed Aniston and John Mayer were getting back together. The tabloid maintained the exes were "toying with giving [their] romance another shot" and had gone on a "string of dinner dates." Of course, the two haven't been photographed together on any such outings in years. In fact, the magazine resorted to photoshopping a picture to dupe readers into thinking they were spotted out. In actuality, as Gossip Cop pointed out, they digitally edited an image of Aniston and Theroux on a dinner date last July, replacing the actor with the musician. A confidante close to both stars also told Gossip Cop on background that the allegation they were reconciling was "totally untrue."

Earlier this year, People, a reliable and credible magazine, reported that Aniston "isn't a fan" of dating, and was "not looking forward to dating again," especially in the harsh glare of the media spotlight. Gossip Cop hears that's still the case. While the tabloids might be in a rush to partner the actress up again, the reality is that her actual love life currently does not match the fictional one portrayed by the gossip media. It's likely Aniston will eventually start dating again, and when she does, Gossip Cop will have the accurate news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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