Jennifer Aniston “Swears Off Dating” Is Fake News Story

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Jennifer Aniston Swears Off Dating

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Jennifer Aniston Swears Off Dating

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A story announcing Jennifer Aniston “swears off dating” is fake news. It was 100 percent manufactured to capitalize on the star’s split from Justin Theroux. Gossip Cop can bust the made-up tale.

HollywoodLife is claiming to “exclusively hear” that Aniston is “taking a break” from both dating and sex as she “needs some ‘me time.'” In the wake of her breakup with Theroux, the site maintains the actress is “ready to make her own happiness a priority, and that means no dating.” To add credence to this narrative, a so-called “source close to Jen” is quoted as saying, “She has zero interest in it.” The website’s supposed snitch contends Aniston “just wants to live on her own [and] hang out with who she wants… without having to worry about somebody else.”

The alleged tipster further maintains “Jen really doesn’t see the point in dating anyone,” and points out that she has an “amazing circle of friends who are supportive and loving and give her all the emotional comfort she wants.” The blog’s purported “source” also asserts, “Obviously, she doesn’t need a man to financially support her, and she doesn’t want kids, despite all the reports that have been out there for years about how she’s desperate to be a mom.”

And what’s more is that the “source” tells the blog, “Jen doesn’t even feel like she wants to have sex right now.” That line, however, is just one of many problems with this article. First off, no one genuinely “close” to Aniston would be publicly discussing her sex life with a gossip outlet. Second, while the publication now claims the “Friends” star “doesn’t want kids,” it spent years spreading false pregnancy stories about her. See a screengrab of the untruthful headlines below.

Third, it’s hardly revelatory to note Aniston doesn’t need a man for financial support and that she has an “amazing circle of friends.” Her wealth has been well-documented over the years, and earlier this month Aniston celebrated her birthday with her closest friends, as seen in a photo shared on social media. And lastly, the assertion that she is not keen on dating right now isn’t a genuine scoop, either.

For example, People already reported days ago that Aniston isn’t a fan of dating. Most people aren’t ready to immediately date after getting out of a long-term relationship. So, what does the site known as HollywoodLies really have here? It seems to be a combination of readily-available information, unoriginal assertions, contradictory claims and allegations that no one really connected to Aniston would actually divulge.

These problems exist because the website doesn’t actually have a legitimate “source,” but the blog wanted to try to exploit the current high interest in the actress anyway. All readers are really getting is fake news.


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