Jennifer Aniston “Ready To Date Again” After Justin Theroux Split Is Made-Up Story

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Jennifer Aniston Dating Again

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Dating Again

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A website is claiming to have insight into whether or not Jennifer Aniston is “ready to date again” following her split from Justin Theroux, but the story is made-up. Speaking on background, Gossip Cop is told by an Aniston insider that no one close to the actress is in contact with the blog. We can expose this fiction.

HollywoodLife, which frequently pretends to have insider knowledge about celebrities, is now purporting to know where Aniston’s head is at in the wake of her separation. A nonexistent source tells the site she’s “very much satisfied with how things are panning out” following the breakup. “She likes having the monkey off her back and she is enjoying being single,” adds the alleged tipster. The untrustworthy blog further quotes its phony insider as saying, “She loves being able to do her own thing and to only have to report to herself.” The site is selling this as an “exclusive,” but it’s noting more than fan fiction.

Gossip Cop is assured by our insider that no one in the actress’s trusted inner circle is spilling details of personal life to the site. As you may recall, when Aniston and Theroux announced their separation last month, they noted that any subsequent information that doesn’t come directly from them “is someone else’s fictional narrative.” The outlet’s article is an example of that. In fact, contrary to the claim that she’s “ready to date,” People has reported that Aniston “isn’t a fan of dating,” and doesn’t look forward to the scrutiny that will come with a new relationship.

Also, HollywoodLife is the same unreliable site that’s claimed several times over the years that Aniston was pregnant. In 2015, the blog wrongly reported Aniston got pregnant with twins through IVF. One year later, the site contended that Aniston was pregnant with a “miracle baby” at 47. And last year, the clueless website said the actress was expecting a baby girl.

HollywoodLies, as it’s known, has also made up several stories about the nature of Aniston’s relationship with ex-husband Brad Pitt. Gossip Cop previously busted the blog for claiming the two were planning to co-star in a movie together. No other outlet reported about such a project, and obviously, no such film has been released. Aniston’s rep even told us, “There are no projects that Jennifer is considering with Brad.”

The site later regurgitated a false tabloid story about Aniston meeting Pitt’s kids, which never happened. Clearly, the blog has zero insight into the actress’s personal life. This latest article about her post-split mindset was designed to generate traffic by duping both readers and search engines.

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