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A new tabloid report claiming Jennifer Aniston spent "$200,000 on cosmetic procedures" since she split from Justin Theroux three months ago is untrue. Gossip Cop can correct this manufactured report about her having plastic surgery. Aniston's own rep says it's false.

According to Life & Style, Aniston has allegedly "spent big bucks" to make sure she now "looks younger." A so-called "source" maintains that since mid-February, "Jen's easily spent $200,000 on cosmetic procedures, personal trainers, Botox, fillers and expensive products." The tabloid claims all the supposed work on the actress is "to get revenge on Justin by showing him what he's missing."

The magazine then has a doctor, who's never ever treated Aniston, speculating that she's had "Botox in the forehead and around the eyes, filler in her cheeks and laser treatments or microneedling." The fact that the tabloid asked a plastic surgeon to comment on photos of Aniston, which can present different views of the actress based on lighting and angles, is proof that its supposed "source" either doesn't exist or is not remotely close to Aniston. Why would an outlet ask a doctor to share his or her guesses if it really had an insider who knew what, if any, procedures Aniston might have had done.

Glaringly, while the tabloid teased on its cover that the former "Friends" star got a "revenge makeover," and even contends in its article that she wants "to get revenge on Justin," it never mentions why she wants vengeance on Theroux. Just a few weeks ago, the far more credible People magazine noted that Aniston has been moving on nicely since her split from "The Leftovers" star. The reputable outlet even made a point of including how "Jen is doing fine."

Also omitted from this tale is how Life & Style recently published an article about Aniston's friends wanting to set her up with non-famous men. The tabloid previously swore up and down that her pals were looking to line up dates for her with a "chef," "Silicon Valley executives" and other assorted "businessmen." Wouldn't she have shelled out "big bucks" to look good for those guys instead? Of course, that story wasn't mentioned because it too was a total lie. At the time, Aniston's rep told Gossip Cop on the record the magazine's report was "bogus."

Actually, Aniston shared her skincare secrets in 2015. In an InStyle cover story, the actress admitted she likes laser treatments, but made clear she's "not a fan" of Botox, despite the new tabloid assertions. She also stressed how water, sleep and good nutrition, as well as makeup, help her look young. And Aniston went out of her way to say she wouldn't go under the knife like so many others in Hollywood because of how "bad plastic surgery and injections" can make people appear afterwards.

To recap: The publication's story is based on speculation, errors, and reliance on a doctor who has no connection to the actress. Additionally, the magazine has been wrong about Aniston in the past. And while the tabloid's article is predicated on an unnamed "source," who actually didn't offer anything insightful, based on Gossip Cop's independent fact-checking we wholeheartedly believe Aniston's rep, who says claims about her undergoing expensive plastic surgery in the wake of her breakup from Theroux are 100 percent untrue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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