Jennifer Aniston “Flees Bel Air Home After Construction Worker Killed” Is Fake News

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Jennifer Aniston Construction Worker Killed

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Jennifer Aniston Construction Worker Killed

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Jennifer Aniston did not flee her home after a construction worker was killed in her neighborhood, despite a sensational report. A certain webloid took real news about a man’s death and shamefully twisted it into fake news about the actress.

On Thursday, a man working on a construction project in Bel Air died on the job. He and others on the team were on a hillside doing grading. His exact cause of death has not been determined, and when the news broke, authorities declined to identify him as relatives had not been notified. RadarOnline, however, saw fit to take this tragedy and tie it to Aniston because she has a home near the accident site.

“Jennifer’s Horror: Construction Worker Killed Just Feet From Aniston’s Mansion,” the site is blaring in a greatly exaggerated headline. In the accompanying story, the outlet alleges she “fled to the Sunset Tower hotel on Thursday night after a construction worker died just feet from her Bel Air home.” The publication goes on to claim Aniston “looked shaken as she checked into the luxury hotel after a construction worker died while working on a property adjacent to her Bel Air home.”

In a weak attempt to support that assertion, the article is accompanied by a single paparazzi shot of Aniston, take from the side and slightly behind her. Nothing about the picture suggests she was “shaken” or had just “fled” to the hot spot to spend the night. But to further fuel this narrative, the webloid sinks even lower by asserting the star “may be still reeling from another death close to her inner circle,” because a woman died during her group honeymoon celebration two years ago. The site concludes by asking, “Do you think that Jennifer Aniston should release a statement about the construction worker’s unfortunate death?”

Well, Gossip Cop obtained a statement. We’re exclusively told by Aniston’s rep that her involvement in this story is “all a fabrication.” Her appearance at the Sunset Tower hotel had nothing to do with the construction worker’s death, and the death has nothing to do with her or her home. There is zero reason for her to personally comment on the tragedy. RadarOnline disgustingly chose to exploit a fatal accident with a false angle all in the name of clickbait, which is an insult to both Aniston and the man’s family. The outlet should be ashamed.