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Jennifer Aniston never confronted Neri Oxman and warned her to "stay away" from Brad Pitt, despite an absurd fake news story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this fabricated claim, which is predicated on a number of verifiably untrue and already disproven narratives. As previously reported, reps for Aniston and Pitt have already denied there's anything going on between the ex-spouses. And the actor's spokesperson has also told us he's not dating Oxman.

Notwithstanding, New Idea contends Aniston will "not give up without a fight" for Pitt and even took a "brave step to hold onto her man." According to the often discredited magazine, a so-called "friend" of Aniston's says, "Jen is going to fight for Brad, plain and simple." The same seemingly fictitious source adds that when Angelina Jolie "stole" Pitt from Aniston, "she just sat back and did nothing... but that's not going to happen this time around."

Tipping that its entire article is made-up, the publication cites "reports" that claim Pitt and Oxman are "romantically involved." But if the outlet actually had real sources, it wouldn't have to refer to "reports" or rely on the quotes from untraceable sources. Not only was Gossip Cop told on the record that Pitt and Oxman aren't in a romantic relation, but Page Six also accurately noted that, while Pitt and the MIT professor have spent time together because of their shared passion for architecture and design, at this point they just have a "professional friendship."

Casting the truth and facts aside, the tabloid has its concocted and unidentifiable "source" further assert that Aniston is "not going to let Neri stop her from finally having her happily ever after with Brad." "She's determined that nothing will get in the way of her happiness," continues the unnamed "friend." The tabloid, which apparently can't restrain itself from publishing falsehoods, quotes its fake "insider" as maintaining, "Last weekend [Aniston] went and saw Neri, and had a face-to-face with her." The phony source adds, "Jen was firm with Neri and told her to stay away from Brad and not come between them."

Glaringly, the tabloid does not mention where this supposed "face-to-face" took place. Was it in Los Angeles or Boston where Oxman lives? Or did they meet halfway at a neutral location in Lincoln, Nebraska? Was it on Friday, Saturday or Sunday? Of course, none of those important details are included because the whole showdown between the two women never occurred and the premise is completely untrue.

Still, the repeatedly unreliable magazine trudges on and contends that Aniston stepped up to Oxman because she "wants nothing to stand in the way of her wedding day." Wait, what?! Oh, that's right, New Idea was the outlet that insanely claimed recently that Aniston traveled to Missouri to talk about getting married to Pitt with his childhood pastor, Reverend Swadley. Not only did Gossip Cop immediately shoot down that manufactured article, with the actor's rep telling us that it was all "false," but Pitt's former pastor actually retired a long time ago.

After its ridiculous detour about the ex-spouses planning a wedding, the magazine returns to its false narrative of pitting Aniston against Oxman. The tabloid's highly suspect "source" alleges, "Jen desperately wants her renewed relationship with Brad to work, but at the same time, she can't be dumped by Brad twice." The questionable insider concludes that it will "destroy [Aniston] for good if Brad leaves her for another woman."

As noted above, reps for both stars have repeatedly assured Gossip Cop on the record that there's nothing going on between Aniston and Pitt. In fact, People revealed Pitt and Aniston "haven't seen each other in ages." That, of course, should put an end to tales about them being involved, planning a wedding, and Aniston having any vested interest in Pitt's relationship with Oxman.

And, as we've previously reported, the actor's relationship with the architecture professor is also being overblown. Pitt's rep has assured Gossip Cop that talk about Pitt being smitten with Oxman is an "exaggeration." It should go without saying, but the tabloid's whole story about Aniston confronting Oxman and telling her to "stay away" from Pitt is 100 percent fabricated. Incredibly, Yahoo! picked up the article without having fully fact-checked its claims. Maybe it's time for those two outlets to confront reality or, at minimum, stay away from publishing fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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