Jennifer Aniston Started Clothing Company?

Jennifer Aniston Clothing

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Jennifer Aniston Clothing

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Jennifer Aniston did not start a clothing company, despite a story from exactly one year ago today that maintained the actress was branching into fashion. Gossip Cop said the claim was a complete fabrication when it was first published, and time has further confirmed our reporting. It’s clear now the former “Friends” star didn’t create a clothing line for the Home Shopping Network, as falsely alleged by a tabloid 12 months ago.

On October 26, 2017, OK! swore up and down that Aniston was joining forces with Sheryl Crow to launch a fashion company on HSN. And while it’s true the singer has a deal with the cable network, the actress never teamed up with Crow to “design and sell” a collection together, as claimed by an unnamed, untraceable and almost assuredly made-up source. At the time, the supposed tipster asserted Aniston wanted to create a line of clothes for HSN because she wanted to make money “outside of acting.”

The magazine’s alleged insider contended Aniston felt doing a clothing company would be a “no-brainer” since she has so many fans, and even noted she would have no problem “hawking the collection on-air.” As Gossip Cop pointed out back then, strikingly omitted in the tabloid’s article were any specifics, including when the apparel line would be available or what types of clothes Crow and Aniston wanted to design. No one at HSN could confirm the magazine’s claim 365 days ago when we investigated it. Additionally, Aniston’s rep told Gossip Cop neither her agents nor manager knew anything about the purported business plan, and they would be the ones involved in any discussions, if it were real.

Gossip Cop determined the magazine’s premise was untrue when we fact-checked it last year, and it’s even more apparent now the tabloid’s entire tale was cut out of whole cloth. Since the bogus report about Aniston launching a clothing company on HSN, OK! has spun many more yarns about Aniston, based on unreliable sources. And Gossip Cop has exposed and busted each and every one of those falsehoods.

In May, for instance, the magazine ran a cover story that Aniston was pregnant with Brad Pitt’s baby. That was a lie. And just two months ago, Gossip Cop shot down the same publication when it blared on its front page that Aniston and Pitt were engaged. That, too, was a lie. Simply, the tabloid makes up a lot of tales about Aniston, which are provably wrong now and will remain so in a year from now and later.


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