Jennifer Aniston “Betrayed” By Hairstylist Chris McMillan And Justin Theroux?

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Jennifer Aniston Betrayed Chris McMillan

By Holly Nicol |

Jennifer Aniston Betrayed Chris McMillan

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Is Jennifer Aniston really feeling “betrayed” because her “BFF” Chris McMillan is still “hanging out” with Justin Theroux? That’s the latest claim coming from one particularly unreliable website, but Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight. We’re told it’s untrue “nonsense.”

According to RadarOnline, Aniston’s close friend and hairstylist has been spotted with Theroux on a “number of occasions” since their split, and it’s a “real kick in the teeth” for the actress. In the report, a so-called “source” is quoted as telling the online publication, “Chris is very loyal to Jennifer, but he’s also loyal to his clients and he’s worked with Justin for years, so he doesn’t feel like he can just drop him right now.”

The outlet’s dubious “insider” goes on to claim, “He’s kind of stuck in the middle and tries not to talk to Justin about Jennifer.” What’s more, the website’s alleged “source” asserts, “Jennifer doesn’t want to tell [McMillan] who he can and can’t work with, but he’s seeing plenty of Justin now he’s spending most of his time in New York.” The outlet’s questionable tipster is further quoted as saying, “Chris is still happy to work with Justin and he just wants to keep things professional.”

So, is there really drama? Has Aniston actually been “betrayed”? No and no. A rep for Aniston exclusively tells us these claims of a dispute are “just more of the same nonsense” the outlet has been spreading about the former couple for weeks. While McMillan and Theroux are good friends, having worked on a number of projects together, Aniston doesn’t feel “betrayed” by McMillan because the hairstylist has kept her ex as a client.

It’s worth noting that when Aniston honored McMillan at the Marie Claire Image Maker Awards last year, she spoke of her incredibly close friendship with the hair guru, an indication that she wouldn’t let her breakup with Theroux come between them. “He’s become part of my family… I love his heart,” Aniston said. That hasn’t changed.

The problem is not with Aniston, Theroux and McMillan, but with the website, which has been attempting to sensationalize the couple’s separation with bogus angles. For example, earlier this month we busted the blog for peddling a made-up claim about Aniston paying Theroux “hush money” to “keep quiet” over her “dark secrets.” A spokesperson at the time told us the piece was “another fabrication.” Now this tall tale about an issue between them and McMillan can be added to the trash pile, too.

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