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Jennifer Aniston is not feuding or "going to war" with Charlize Theron over her ex-husband Brad Pitt, despite a new report. The entire premise about Theron dating Pitt is a verified lie, as is this new angle about Aniston confronting the South African actress. In fact, not only has Pitt's rep told Gossip Cop that all talk of the actor dating Theron is "false," but also Aniston's spokesperson calls the claim about her fighting with the Atomic Blonde star a "fabrication."

The latest tall tale about Theron, Aniston and Pitt comes from the National Enquirer, a magazine that has published a slew of provably untrue stories about the three stars. Actually, the sheer number of falsehoods in its current article is almost mind-boggling. According to the often discredited supermarket tabloid, ever since the reports emerged about Theron's "rumored romance" with Pitt, "Aniston has sent Charlize Theron a string of text messages" to find out more about their "relationship."

A seemingly made-up "source" tells the magazine the two women exchanged a series of "brutal insults" that got so bad, "Theron has blocked her number and ordered her new man to do the same." A so-called "insider" is further quoted as telling the habitually disproven tabloid, "Charlize has told her to stop asking" about her romance with Pitt and even showed him her texts before asking, "What's all this about?" The same questionable "source" maintains Theron and Pitt have been seeing one another "at least twice a week and are loving their time together."

The alleged tipster also predicts there's going to be a "showdown at some point" between Theron and Aniston. This has led Pitt to become very "stressed," contends the unnamed "source." Towards the end of the article, the frequently debunked magazine appears to telegraph how it's going to extricate itself after being exposed for lying. The tabloid has its unidentifiable "source" conveniently state how Theron feels Pitt should be "protecting" and blocking" her from Aniston, but if he "doesn't step up to the plate and take control," she will just "walk away."

As Gossip Cop mentioned at the top, the whole story is based on a lie. As opposed to the untrustworthy tabloid's anonymous and unaccountable "source," the actor's rep, speaking on his behalf, told Gossip Cop that Pitt is 100 percent not dating Theron. While shooting down an earlier article that wrongly claimed Pitt is "hiding" his (nonexistent) romance with Theron from Angelina Jolie, his spokesman assured us that all claims linking the two are "false," and they haven't seen each other "in months," ever since they shot a Breitling ad.

That's not all. Aniston's rep has also called the Enquirer's new story about the actress being at "war" with Theron nothing less than a "fabrication." And while Theron's rep has not commented, a source within her camp has similarly confirmed the outlet's report is untrue.

Gossip Cop has busted the supermarket tabloid on numerous occasions for its inaccurate reports about Theron, Aniston and Pitt. For example, much like the current story about how the Monster actress and Aniston are set for a "showdown," the same magazine falsely asserted Theron and Ellen DeGeneres were going to have a "showdown" over Portia de Rossi. Of course, there never was reason for one, and it obviously never happened.

Curiously, the facts-challenged tabloid doesn't mention how long the actor and Theron have supposedly been a couple, considering over the summer the outlet published several wrong stories about Pitt and Aniston getting back together, with another nameless source claiming, "You can be sure they'll want to get married again." In the real world, however, the two ex spouses haven't even seen each other in a very long time, let alone are planning to wed once more.

Simply, while that outlet hides behind untraceable and possibly fake sources to push its bogus narratives, Pitt and Aniston's reps made a point of going on the record with Gossip Cop to call out the magazine for manufacturing its story. Equally important is understanding the tabloid has a history of publishing articles that over time have been shown to be outright lies. For now, the only "war" is the one the Enquirer has with the actual truth about Theron, Aniston and Pitt.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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