Jennifer Aniston Slammed Celine Dion Over Anti-Donald Trump Remarks?

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Jennifer Aniston Celine Dion Donald Trump

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Celine Dion Donald Trump

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Did Jennifer Aniston actually slam Celine Dion after the Canadian singer allegedly bashed the United States and President Donald Trump? That’s the claim coming from a fake news website. Gossip Cop, however, can clear up the situation.

The untrustworthy blog Daily News For Americans, which features phony headlines without any articles attached, insists Dion has been making inflammatory marks about America. The first of many bogus headlines about the singer quotes her as having said, ““I can’t even look at an American flag anymore. I hate this country.” The site also quotes her as sniping, “I just earned all my wealth under your ugly flag. Now, I don’t need you anymore. So go to hell everyone. I’m Leaving U.S.” Dion never made such comments.

Another headline blares, “VIDEO: Celine Dion Burns American Flag And Trump’s Picture At Her Concert In Las Vegas.” Of course, no such footage exists. And another phony title states, “Celine Dion Says: America Is Not Even Country, It Is Destroyed By Trump And His Governance, So Our country Needs A Worthy President Like Obama.” Once again, none of these headlines are followed by any actual content.

Still, the phony site posted a follow-up headline that reads, “Jennifer Aniston To Celine Dion: ‘You’re Wrong Celine. The U.S Was Destroyed By Obama And Muslim Terrorists and Now Trump Going To Make Obama’s Destroyed America Great Again. Also If You Hate Trump You Can Go In Your Country.'” But the Canadian singer never bashed Trump or the U.S., and Aniston didn’t issue a response to nonexistent comments. Although Dion reportedly turned down an offer to perform at Trump’s inauguration earlier this year, she hasn’t bad-mouthed the U.S. leader. None of the previously mentioned quotes are real.

Daily News For Americans is a site containing nothing but fabricated headlines and baseless click-bait. There aren’t even any actual articles to be found. It should be noted, this isn’t the first time that the outlet has concocted a phony headline about an A-list actress coming to the president’s defense. Gossip Cop just busted the site for falsely claiming Julia Roberts called Trump “the best president in U.S. history.” The latest headline surrounding Aniston and Dion is equally baseless.