Jennifer Aniston Visited Brad Pitt’s Family In His Hometown Of Missouri?

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Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt Family Missouri

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt Family Missouri

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Jennifer Aniston did not travel with Brad Pitt to his hometown of Springfield, Missouri to visit his family, despite an absurd tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this latest plot twist in the ongoing, phony saga about the ex-spouses being back together. It’s more nonsense.

According to Woman’s Day, Aniston had an “emotional reunion” with Pitt’s mom, Jane, and his brother, Doug, when she supposedly visited them in Missouri earlier this month. A questionable source tells the magazine, “Jen has always got on great with Brad’s mother and took her up on the offer when she invited her to see her in Springfield. They seemed genuinely pleased to see her again after all these years. Jen came away feeling good about being back together with Brad.”

The alleged insider further contends that Jane got a bit overzealous when she “suggested that Brad and Jen could get married at South Haven Baptist Church, where Brad used to sing in the choir when he was a kid.” As the story goes, the exes aren’t quite ready “to organize a wedding,” but Aniston has started thinking again about the eggs she froze back in 2008. “Now she’s wondering if maybe she and Brad can do something with them, although she hasn’t mentioned it to Brad yet,” adds the seemingly phony source.

As Gossip Cop has reiterated since Aniston announced her separation from Justin Theroux last month, the actress hasn’t reunited with her ex-husband. We’ve been repeatedly assured by sources close to both stars that they haven’t met up. Additionally, insiders recently told People that Aniston and Pitt haven’t seen each other in a long time and it’s unlikely they’ll do so anytime soon. This bogus new premise about Aniston visiting Pitt’s mom and brother is clearly fabricated, considering the actress hasn’t reconciled with her ex.

Regardless of how many times we’ve already debunked the notion that Aniston and Pitt are back together, we still fact-checked this latest story about the actress visiting his family in Missouri. Gossip Cop is assured by reps for both Aniston and Pitt there’s no truth to the ridiculous claim. Also, if Pitt and Aniston had actually traveled together to Springfield, there would be tons of paparazzi photos of the two in town. At the very least, people living in the community would tweet about having spotted the pair. It’s virtually impossible that the high-profile stars could visit the city without being noticed.

It’s also worth noting, Woman’s Day consistently churns out fake news about the famous ex-spouses. Gossip Cop recently busted the publication for falsely claiming that Pitt and Aniston share a “secret hideout” in the Hollywood Hills. This latest article about their nonexistent trip to Missouri is more fiction.