Jennifer Aniston Took Brad Pitt On Secret Trip To Mexico?

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Secret Mexico Trip

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Secret Mexico Trip


Jennifer Aniston did not take Brad Pitt on a secret trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, despite a false tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the narrative, which has cropped up countless times before. The ex-spouses aren’t back together and haven’t enjoyed any romantic getaways either.

“Jen Takes Brad To Cabo!” reads a headline on this week’s cover of Star, which claims the exes spent three days and two nights reviving their romance. “Jen went all out,” an anonymous source tells the magazine. “She hired a private chef, scheduled couples massages and a private hike to a secluded waterfall. It was like 1999 all over again – just before they got married, when she and Brad were so in love and planning a life together.”

According to the supposed insider, the trip came together during a recent night when “Jen just blurted out, ‘Let’s go to Cabo!'” and “Brad said, ‘Just like the old days, let’s do it.'” The seemingly phony tipster adds, “They both wanted a total escape from reality. He took time off from promoting Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and she took a much needed break from her ongoing divorce negotiations [with Justin Theroux].”

The alleged source goes on to say that the exes didn’t tell anyone else they were going to Cabo together, but “a part of them thought it’d be fun if the word about their trip got out, especially to [Angelina Jolie], who’d be livid over the news of their romantic getaway.” The unidentified insider concludes that Pitt and Aniston aren’t in a rush to get remarried or engaged, but “they’ve been taking baby steps toward fully committing to whatever it is they’re doing.”

This fake storyline has been recycled to the point of absurdity. Just last week, Gossip Cop busted New Idea for falsely claiming Pitt and Aniston went on a secret getaway to Mexico. In March, we called out the Globe for making up a more ridiculous story about Pitt and Aniston eloping in Mexico. One month before that, OK! wrongly reported Aniston and Pitt vacationed together in Cabo following her 50th birthday party.

Those articles mentioned above only cover Pitt and Aniston’s fake trips to Mexico. Other tabloids have sent the two off on imaginary getaways to France, Italy, England and other places around the globe. Separate reps for both stars confirm they haven’t went on any secret getaways together, nor have they rekindled a romance.

Less than three months ago, Gossip Cop dedicated an entire article to many of the false rumors about Aniston and Pitt vacationing together. This ongoing saga just won’t seem to go away, despite the fact that the two stars haven’t been spotted on any joint trips. That’s because these secret trips haven’t taken place.


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