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Jennifer Aniston is not trying to "romance" Brad Pitt, despite a report. This ill-informed and untrue story regurgitates already debunked information. Gossip Cop can bust it.

On Friday, we called out HollywoodLife for fabricating an article that falsely claimed Aniston was "crushed" over "rumors" that Pitt had a "girlfriend." The allegation was not only made-up, but also demonstrably false. But now The Inquisitr is announcing in a headline, "Jennifer Aniston Reportedly To Romance Brad Pitt: His New Girlfriend Changed Plan, Claims HollywoodLife."

According the blog, Aniston "isn't exactly having the greatest 2018" and "can't seem to get a break." The site contends the actress is now "feeling worse than ever after learning about Brad's rumored new girlfriend." Basing its claims off of a website that is nicknamed HollywoodLies for its tendency to manufacture fake news, The Inquisitr alleges that "just as Jennifer was finally ready to romance Brad Pitt, she learned about his new girlfriend."

It's further asserted that Pitt has been "busy romancing a famous MIT professor," Neri Oxman, and Aniston is "crushed" by the "news" that the actor has "put his problems with Angelina Jolie in the past to move forward in his love life." Referring to the "Friends" star's recent separation from Justin Theroux, the online publication goes on to claim Aniston believed that her relationship "fail[ing] so soon after Brad's marriage to Angelina Jolie was somewhat of a blessing" and that she was "hoping that she and Pitt could rekindle their romance."

But now Aniston "may be too much of a believer in all those reports on Pitt's rumored new girlfriend" to pursue anything, asserts the blog. It's only after all that that The Inquisitr acknowledges the original Page Six report that made clear Pitt and Oxman are just friends, which multiple credible outlets have also confirmed. Indeed, the actor's rep even told Gossip Cop that there is no romantic relationship between them. It's unclear why the site picked up this whole tale about Aniston being upset that Pitt has a "girlfriend" when it's clear that he doesn't.

Furthermore, had the publication done more research, it would've realized there are two very other important pieces of evidence that prove the original HollywoodLies story was wrong. First off, People has already reported that an Aniston-Pitt reunion is unlikely, and explained specifically why they have no interest in getting back together. Second, the magazine, which is far more credible and respected than HollywoodLife, has also noted that Aniston is not a "fan" of dating and isn't "looking forward" to embarking on another relationship in the spotlight.

That not only indicates that Aniston has no interest in trying to "romance" anyone right now, but also shows that Pitt certainly wouldn't be the person she chooses to pursue, if and when she decides to focus on her love life again. The evidence cited here clearly shows Pitt doesn't have a girlfriend, and that regardless, Aniston hasn't been trying to "romance" him. The entire HollywoodLies narrative is easily refuted, and some fact-checking should've been done before The Inquisitr picked it up. We know the site is capable of practicing better journalism.

Just two days ago, the outlet announced, "Jennifer Aniston Is Reportedly Pregnant With Brad Pitt's Baby, But Gossip Cop Debunks Fake News," and picked up our bust that carefully laid out proof that she wasn't expecting and that the exes weren't even back together. We'd like to start seeing The Inquisitr get it right all of the time, not just some of the time.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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