Jennifer Aniston Back On The Dating Scene After Brad Pitt Reunion Fizzles Out?

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Jennifer Aniston Dating Brad Pitt

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Dating Brad Pitt


A tabloid claims Jennifer Aniston is back on the dating scene after an attempted reconciliation with Brad Pitt fizzled out. Nothing about the story is true. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

An alleged insider tells Star, “For a hot minute, it looked like Jen was going to end up back in Brad’s arms. But it wasn’t meant to be, so she’s jumping into the dating scene and looking for the real thing.” The anonymous source goes on to say the actress has asked some of her closest friends, including Courteney Cox and Reese Witherspoon, to help her find the right man. “She’s told them she’s ready to be set up on dates, and they’re leaping at the chance to help out. They’re both going through all of their contacts looking for eligible men.”

From there, the tipster says Aniston is looking for a man who isn’t in the spotlight, adding, “She learned her lesson with Brad, who’s just as famous as she is, and with Justin [Theroux], who wanted to be as famous as she is.” As for Pitt, the unknown source says him and Aniston were “hooking up again,” but the fling was more physical than emotional. “It was like Jen just had to have Brad one more time,” adds the seemingly phony insider. “But it didn’t lead anywhere, so they agreed to leave things in the past.”

The tabloid’s article is a total work of fiction. For starters, a spokesperson for the Friends star tells Gossip Cop on the record that it’s completely made-up. Meanwhile, Aniston herself said she doesn’t like being set up on dates during an interview on The Howard Stern Show this week. When asked if she was dating anyone, the actress responded, “Not right now,” adding that she’s “very, very busy” with work at the moment. The actress further stressed, “I just don’t like being set up… Hate it.”

Additionally, individual reps for both Aniston and Pitt have told Gossip Cop countless times that they never rekindled a romance. Although the actor stopped by his ex-wife’s 50th birthday party in February, they were never back together as a couple. It’s also interesting for Star to say they tried to reconcile but it didn’t work out. Last November, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Aniston was pregnant with Pitt’s baby. That phony scenario goes unmentioned in this latest piece.

This also wouldn’t be the first time the magazine has pretended to have insight into the actress’s love life. In June, Gossip Cop called out the tabloid for making up a story about Aniston setting new “ground rules” for dating. That article was also fabricated, as the actress isn’t making dating a priority at the moment. Aniston remains focused on her career, including her new Apple series The Morning Show, which has already been renewed for a second season.


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