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Are Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt going public as a "reunited couple" at Sunday's Oscars? That's what a tabloid wants readers to believe, but the claim is a complete fabrication. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue report.

According to NW, Aniston and Pitt are "gearing up to make their big debut as a reunited couple, and they reckon the Academy Awards on March 4 is the perfect place to do it." The gossip magazine contends that "after quietly rebooting their relationship," the former spouses are "now ready to go public." The outlet clarifies, however, that Pitt and Aniston won't be appearing at the awards show itself.

"They realize going to the actual show might be too much, too soon. So they're talking about skipping the red carpet and the ceremony in favor of one of the parties," a so-called "close friend" is quoted as saying. This purported pal tells the publication that "everyone is dying to get them there," and this will be a "mellow and more low-key" way of spending time with "all of their old friends."

That said, the tabloid goes on to allege that "one thing threatening to rain on their parade" is a possible "run-in" with Angelina Jolie. The tabloid claims Aniston is "keen for her and Brad to attend the star-studded Vanity Fair bash... but she's now wondering if she should change their plans as she's heard through the grapevine that Angelina's also on the VIP guest list." Should they all end up at the same bash, the magazine asserts Aniston has "instructed her team of minders to keep her long-time love rival away."

"Jen and Brad are going to do what they want to do and not worry too much about Angelina and her temper," a purported "insider" supposedly claims, further contending, "They're preparing for an ugly showdown but, in truth, they don't really believe she'll do anything out of the ordinary." The use of the phrase "in truth" is quite ironic considering there is absolutely nothing truthful about this article.

For starters, while Aniston has attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party in years past, including in 2017, it has not been confirmed whether she'll put in an appearance this time around. Regardless, though, Pitt will not be going as her date, something Gossip Cop already reported last month when another tabloid, New Idea, similarly claimed the exes wanted to make a "big reveal" about their supposedly renewed romance at the Oscars. Most importantly, though, there is no real Aniston-Pitt reunion.

Contrary to what the gossip media is leading readers to believe, they have not gotten back together. Of course, NW is the same disreputable outlet that just last week falsely claimed Aniston and Pitt were "getting married again." Curiously, this new made-up story says nothing about the pair tying the knot. There's also another deception Gossip Cop must point out.

The publication is selling this lie about the former couple going to the Oscars with a photoshopped picture of them together (see below). While it appears, on the surface, to be a real photo of two holding hands in public, the tabloid merely took a separate snapshot of Aniston and combined it with a four-year-old photo of Pitt from when he was in Australia with Jolie in 2014. If the magazine had real insight, it wouldn't be trying to dupe readers with a phony picture.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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