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A new story about Brad Pitt appreciating Jennifer Aniston's "candor" in her new InStyle interview is nothing more than a regurgitation of a previously debunked report. Gossip Cop can again correct this claim, which is both late and wrong. As we previously noted, Pitt has not actually expressed his thoughts about her interview, and whatever quotes are being put into his mouth are simply fabricated and made-up.

Celebrity Insider, a site known for lifting and rewriting other outlets' articles, alleges that following the publication of Aniston's widely reported interview with InStyle, Pitt "decided to react." The often discredited blog declaratively states without any proof, "Brad said he predicts that this new interview will push other reporters to ask Jennifer to speak about their failed romance." Of course, Pitt was never quoted as saying anything like that. In fact, for the better past of the past several years he's remained quiet on the topic of Aniston.

Instead of providing any legitimate evidence of his reaction to the new interview, the website quotes what they term an "insider" as telling the equally untrustworthy HollywoodLife that Pitt "knows that in future interviews her name will come up and he will have to answer things about her and vice versa... He has accepted it." The same supposed source adds that Pitt "knows people will be rekindled with the interest of them getting back together... But he isn't bothered by it."

A few things bear repeating, including how this linking of the two exes together is a very old narrative. It's not like they haven't been asked about each other over the years. In response to comments he made about their marriage in a Parade interview in 2011, Pitt clarified that Aniston "remains a friend" and is a "loving and hilarious woman." And for her part, during a 2015 "CBS This Morning" interview, Aniston expressed that her divorce and connection to Pitt was "more of a media-driven topic" than anything else.

Additionally, it's important to note that Aniston never once brought up Pitt in her new interview. The interviewer, comedy writer and Aniston friend Molly McNearney, joked, "When are you getting back together with Brad? Did Justin ever wear your jeans? And when are the twins due?" but the actress actually didn't comment on her ex-husband. What happened was the serial fabricators at HollywoodLies, as its known, seized on the interview to manufacture a wholly fictitious article around Pitt's supposed "reaction" to her remarks in the glossy magazine. The lemmings at Celebrity Insider then reworded that story a bit for its own phony report.

It's interesting how the source of this bogus claim has a so-called "insider" saying how the handsome actor "knows people will be rekindled with the interest of them getting back together," when HollywoodLies has routinely spread falsehoods about them, including how Aniston and Pitt were supposedly having "secret late-night meetings" set up by George Clooney. That, of course, was a total lie and reps for the stars said on the record it was untrue. The same blog also made up a tall tale a few months ago about how Aniston was trying to "romance" Pitt. That, too, was a complete fabrication.

As Gossip Cop confirmed just the other day from a Pitt confidante, who wasn't authorized to talk on the record, the new comments attributed to the actor did not come from him, his close friends, or anyone in his camp. They were simply concocted by HollywoodLies and then picked up, rewritten and spread by Celebrity Insider. The claim about Pitt expressing appreciation for Aniston's "candor" in her interview remains late and wrong.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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