Jennifer Aniston Worried Brad Pitt Will Dump Her For Neri Oxman?

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Neri Oxman

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Neri Oxman

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A new tabloid report claiming Jennifer Aniston is worried Brad Pitt will dump her for MIT professor Neri Oxman is beyond ridiculous and untrue. Of course, the ex-spouses aren’t back together, so there’s no way to get dumped by a person you aren’t even dating. Reps for both Pitt and Aniston have assured Gossip Cop on several occasions that they haven’t reunited.

The latest issue of New Idea, however, insists the exes are back together and maintains Aniston feels “threatened” by Pitt’s friendship with Oxman, whom he met while collaborating an MIT architecture project last year. A so-called “source” is quoted as telling the magazine, “Brad keeps saying they’re just good friends and there’s nothing romantic going on, but Jen can’t help but be suspicious and think the worst. Jen is jealous of Neri, there’s no doubt about it.”

The outlet’s seemingly fabricated insider goes on to assert that Aniston “feels like she’s completely out of Neri’s league, and she’s really down on herself right now.” The almost assuredly nonexistent tipster adds, “Jen desperately wants her renewed relationship with Brad to work, but at the same time she can’t be dumped by Brad twice… She fears it will destroy her for good if Brad leaves her again for another woman.”

The supposed “source” further contends that Pitt and Aniston were in the midst of planning a wedding until reports about the actor’s friendship with Oxman came to light. Aniston “can’t stop feeling jealous and a little betrayed,” maintains the outlet, which alleges the actress is “keeping her distance from Brad at the moment just until she can make up her own mind on Neri.”

This entire premise, however, is complete fiction. And the quotes appear to be fabricated and conveniently attributed to untraceable and seemingly nonexistent “insiders.” Conversely, as noted above, reps for both Pitt and Aniston have repeatedly told Gossip Cop on the record that they haven’t reconciled. And People, a more reliable outlet than New Idea, recently confirmed that Pitt and Aniston “haven’t seen each other in ages.” Naturally, that makes the dating, dumping and wedding planning narratives 100 percent impossible.

Actually, it was just last week that Gossip Cop busted this same untrustworthy tabloid when it published a made-up a story about Pitt and Aniston planning to get married in Missouri. To be sure, there was no truth whatsoever to that outlandish report. Now, the magazine has decided to create a fake love triangle involving Aniston, Pitt, and Oxman, who is just a friend of the actor, as reported by the New York Post and confirmed by us. The frequently discredited outlet is simply spinning more provably untrue lies.


Reps for Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.

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