Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt “Moving In” Together Is Old, Fake News

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Living Together

By Shari Weiss |

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Living Together

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A report posted online Saturday that claims Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are “moving in” together is old, fake news. Gossip Cop debunked this allegation when it was first published more than a week ago. But multiple search engines are promoting the claim as if it’s new and accurate.

On April 4, In Touch released an issue that announced on the cover, “Back With Brad: Jen Moves In!” This was 100 percent false on both counts. Aniston was neither “back” with Pitt, nor had she moved into his home. The article itself acknowledged that the former spouses weren’t actually living together currently, but claimed they were planning to shack up. A rep for Aniston denied the story was true, while a Pitt confidante, who was not authorized to speak on the record, told Gossip Cop that the contentions were an example of “sheer stupidity.” As had already been reported by reliable outlets like People, far from being back together and on the verge of sharing a home, Aniston and Pitt haven’t even seen one another in ages.

The cover story was an unequivocal lie. Now that lie is being spread online. Instead of sharing its (inaccurate) report on its website on the day it hit newsstands, the gossip magazine waited until April 14, 10 days later. This digital version begins by asserting that since Pitt and Aniston were once “married for years… it makes sense that, now that they’re back together, they’re taking things fast.” The outlet goes on to allege that “they’re moving so fast, as a matter of fact… that they’re already discussing the idea of moving in together.”

The publication contends, “Those close to the couple suspect that an announcement that they are cohabiting is coming in the very near future.” And while the tabloid here asserts that a “rep for Jen denied that they are already living together,” the truth is that her spokesperson actually denied the entire story. In fact, the original print article specifically stated, “A rep for Jen denies she is moving in with Brad” (see below).

Now despite that denial, no new evidence and a formal debunking, this misinformation is not only being peddled online as if it’s true, but it is being promoted as the top result on search engines (see screengrabs below). This is indicative of the problem with fake news on the web, especially as it relates to celebrities and the gossip industry. Gossip Cop transparently reveals our sources as clearly as possible (see “Sources” section below). These tabloids typically hide behind unidentifiable and untraceable “insiders” and are unable to substantiate their claims with any real proof.

Yet it is these sketchy stories, which are often easily disproven and even contradicted, that fans typically end up seeing when searching online for information about their favorite stars. But just as it is with current events, people should be receiving factual results, not fictional ones, when it comes to celebrity news. Unfortunately, this situation with In Touch and its Aniston-Pitt fabrication is a clear instance of search engines prioritizing the wrong kind of content. That’s a disservice to readers.

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