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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt did not re-wed, despite a new tabloid cover story claiming they're "just married" again. Gossip Cop can debunk this provably false report. The exes are not back together, let alone husband and wife again.

But the new cover of In Touch wrongly announces Aniston and Pitt had a "backyard ceremony" on their "18th wedding anniversary." Inside the issue, a headline declares, "Brad & Jen's Big Surprise: 'We're Married!'" That quote is fake, as is the photo that accompanies it (see below). While it appears to be a snapshot of Pitt, clad in black-tie, with his arm around Aniston, who is wearing white, the truth is that these are two separate images were photoshopped together. The Aniston portion is a photo from 2012, when she posed with Amy Pascal at an AFI Gala. It is Pascal's arm who is really around her shoulder, but through digital editing, she was replaced with Pitt.

The magazine's manipulation of images should be enough evidence that the outlet shouldn't be trusted. That becomes even more apparent upon a close examination of the article. It's asserted Aniston and Pitt "quietly rekindled their relationship earlier this year," and have now "pledged their commitment to each other all over again." A so-called "friend" is quoted as saying, "They were recently 'married' in a commitment ceremony." The word "married" is in quotes because both Pitt and Aniston are still legally wed to other people. Notably, it doesn't appear that way on the cover (see above), because the publication wants to dupe readers into thinking they really tied the knot again.

No clear date is given for this alleged ceremony, and while the cover contends it took place "on their 18th wedding anniversary," Aniston and Pitt were originally married on July 29, 2000. As anyone with a calendar can see, today is only July 18. Buried in the article, the tabloid tries to back away from its cover line, claiming the purported commitment ceremony took place "ahead of their original wedding anniversary on July 29."

But the actress has been in Montreal since at least June 20, with People reporting around the same time that Aniston is "happily single." Meanwhile, Pitt has been traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to London to spend time with his children. Yet readers are supposed to believe that at some unspecified date, the former spouses had a "private, unofficial ceremony in the backyard of his house in the Pacific Palisades," because they've been "so eager to wed again."

The obvious falsehoods continue as the story goes on. Those who were allegedly in attendance are said to include Pitt's children, but the kids have been in London with Angelina Jolie since May. They are not scheduled to return to the U.S. until July 21, according to their summer custody agreement. George Clooney is also named not just as a guest, but also as Pitt's best man, all of which is impossible. Aside from a brief trip to L.A. in early June, he has spent much of the last few months filming on location in Sardinia. In fact, it was there that Clooney suffered his scooter accident on July 10.

On top of all that, the supposed pal throws in the claim that "some people close to them believe Jen is pregnant," and it's further alleged that Jolie has gone "ballistic" as a result. An untraceable "source" then asserts, "She was hit with the one-two punch of the surprise nuptials and a possible pregnancy." But if either this "friend" or "source" had any real insight, and if the outlet was knowledgeable, they would all know that due to her career obligations, Aniston couldn't dive into a pregnancy right now. After she completes production on Murder Mystery, Aniston is filming another movie, and then this fall she begins working on her upcoming Apple series, her rep recently told Gossip Cop.

Conclusion: There are a slew of factual inaccuracies throughout this cover story, proving that it is nothing more than a fabrication. The lies begin right on the cover, where it's asserted Pitt and Aniston were "just married" on their "18th wedding anniversary." Inside the issue, the outlet changes course and acknowledges they weren't legally married, and switches the timing to "ahead of" their original anniversary. But Aniston hasn't been in L.A., where these "nuptials" supposedly occurred, for roughly a month, and Pitt himself has been in and out of town. Additionally, the publication maintains Pitt's kids and George Clooney were in attendance, when there's evidence showing they've been on a different continent.

Furthermore, as explained above, the pregnancy contention is implausible due to Aniston's professional commitments. There is also the photo deception, explained above and seen below, as well as the ongoing lie about Aniston and Pitt "rekindling" a relationship, something Gossip Cop has repeatedly debunked. And while we've already demonstrated this article is provably false, Pitt's spokesperson, who is authorized to speak on his behalf, also tells us this manufactured "married" cover story is both "false" and "totally ridiculous." Aniston's rep also confirms to us that it is "made-up," and points out, as Gossip Cop did, that "clearly Jennifer has been in Montreal shooting since June."

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt just got married again in a secret wedding at his home.
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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