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Jennifer Aniston did not meet Brad Pitt's kids, despite a completely fabricated tabloid cover story. After months of wrongly reporting that the ex-spouses have reunited, one of the magazines is now getting the actor's children involved. Gossip Cop can exclusively clear up the situation.

According to In Touch, Aniston recently stopped by her ex-husband's house to give him a book on interior design, but was surprised to discover that four of his six kids were with him. "The kids knew who Jen was and were familiar with her from TV and magazine photos, but they treated her like a normal friend of their father's," says an alleged source, who claims that the actress only met the four youngest Jolie-Pitt children as Maddox and Pax were out with their friends.

From there, the unreliable magazine gives a rundown of the supposed get-together between Pitt's kids and Aniston, saying the children were "outside riding bikes and skateboarding" when their father casually introduced them to the actress. "Jen was taken by how kind, well-mannered and unaffected they seemed," adds the seemingly phony source. "She especially got a kick out of Knox, who is the spitting image of a young Brad."

As the story goes, Aniston left after around an hour, "but told the kids what a pleasure it was to meet them and extended an invite to them to come over and visit her some time. Or they could go for a walk in the park someday and get some burgers and ice cream." The alleged source further contends that Aniston hasn't told her husband Justin Theroux about the gathering because "she feels her meeting with the kids is a private matter between her and Brad, and a major moment in their ever-strengthening relationship."

The outlet's questionable insider goes on to say that the youngsters "went right home and told Angelina [Jolie] about meeting 'that lady Jennifer' and, as expected, she went ballistic. She immediately left word with Brad that she was furious." The "source" continues, "She's absolutely livid that Jen has come back into Brad's life in such a major way," but as for Pitt, allowing Aniston to meet his kids "is a clear indication that he wants to share every part of his life with the woman who will always be his greatest love."

This ridiculous saga is purely fictional, though naturally it was picked up by HollywoodLife and OK!. In any event, Gossip Cop is told by a rep for Pitt that the outlet's report is "100 percent false," while a source close to Aniston similarly assures us she's never met her ex-husband's children. There's not a modicum of truth to the tabloid's entire article. In Touch has decided to try its hand at some creative writing, but nothing about this bogus report should be confused for journalism.

It should also be noted, the untrustworthy publication features fake images on its cover to make it appear as though Aniston met Pitt's nine-year-old son Knox. One picture shows the actor walking with his son on a New York City street, while another seemingly shows the actress embracing the boy in a park. In reality, the picture of Pitt and his son was taken in 2015, and they were accompanied by Jolie and his daughter Vivienne, who the tabloid cropped out of the frame.

Meanwhile, the photo of Aniston with a child who's purported to be Knox is actually from the set of her 2010 movie The Switch. The boy in the image is child actor Thomas Robinson, who co-stars in the film. The magazine deceptively changed the color of Knox's shirt from gray to light blue, while also lightening the color of the other boy's hair so they look like the same child. See the photoshopped pictures below, followed by the original images.

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Knox

(In Touch)

Brad Pitt Knox

(Getty Images)

Jennifer Aniston Knox

(Getty Images)

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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