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Will Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt take his children on a family vacation as a "bonding experience" after the actor's custody battle with Angelina Jolie is settled? The simple answer is no. But that what's what one tabloid claimed one year ago today. The main problem with the magazine's premise was that it wrongly contended the exes were back together. While Pitt attended Aniston's 50th birthday in February, they have not romantically reunited, and they most certainly are not taking a trip with his kids.

On April 11, 2018, Woman's Day absurdly maintained Pitt would like to celebrate sharing custody with Jolie by whisking his children away to Chateau Miraval, where he would then introduce them to Aniston, who the outlet referred to as his "on-again love." Despite how preposterous a scenario that would seem to most people, the publication insisted it had a source close to Pitt who asserted he felt it would be an "amazing bonding experience" for his kids to spend a week with his ex-wife. The same almost assuredly made-up tipster added that Chateau Miraval, which Pitt will continue to co-own with Jolie post-divorce, is "the perfect place" for all of them, including Aniston, to enjoy "quality time together."

Of course, Jolie and Pitt haven't yet settled their divorce and custody issues, which the tabloid said was imminent 12 months ago. Again, that wasn't the biggest error. As reps for Pitt and Aniston told us back then, and it remains accurate to today, they have not "rekindled" their romance nor are they going to. With that as background, the rest of the narrative couldn't remotely be true.

In the 365 days since that ridiculous report about Aniston and Pitt taking his kids on a trip to Chateau Miraval, Woman's Day hasn't gotten any better with its articles about the former "Friends" star or Pitt. In fact, just three weeks after that one, the magazine dropped Aniston and bizarrely swore up and down Pitt was going to take Neri Oxman to a family wedding and possibly have a baby with the MIT professor. In the real world, however, the two never even dated, a point Oxman made clear in a New York Times interview.

Several months later, Gossip Cop busted the Australian edition of that magazine when it ludicrously alleged Aniston and Pitt had gotten married in secret. Naturally, that was impossible since they're not a couple and the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star is still married to Jolie. By November, the same publication apparently had forgotten about the wedding since it claimed Aniston ran out of a restaurant in tears after seeing Pitt because she wasn't emotionally ready to see her ex-husband.

Still unable to keep its stories straight, just two months ago, the tabloid published a piece about Pitt and Aniston going on a "romantic getaway" after her 50th birthday. For that (nonexistent) trip, Pitt apparently decided to leave the kids at home. Suffice to say, we also corrected that work of fiction. It bears mentioning that for each of those aforementioned articles, Gossip Cop had on-the-record comments from the stars' reps, while the outlet relied on seemingly made-up anonymous sources for its various conflicting tales.

As Gossip Cop has previously noted, we often revisit stories from the past to show readers how other outlets' reporting holds up over time. In this instance, all the articles fell apart and were provably false. They also frequently had contradictory plotlines. And while that publication seemed to think it could dupe the public with its phony tale about Pitt jetting off with his ex-wife and children for a vacation, that type of deception is never going to fly with Gossip Cop.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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