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Is Jennifer Aniston showing off a new "revenge body" to impress Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux? Gossip Cop can reveal the truth: The actress looks just as she has for years.

But New Idea wants readers to think otherwise, writing in its new issue, "Revenge is a dish best served cold... and with a side of abs in the case of Jennifer Aniston." The tabloid points out that Aniston was recently "pictured relaxing" in Italy, and asserts that "despite fast-approaching the big 5-0, Jen showcased a body most 25-year-olds could only dream of. Continues the magazine, "Showing ex-husband Justin Theroux and rumored on-off boyfriend exactly what they're missing, a bronzed Jen looked stunning as she showed off her washboard abs and lithe limbs." The outlet declares, "Looking good is the ultimate revenge for Jen."

The publication then undermines its whole premise, that Aniston is flaunting a new figure to get the attention of her former loves, by detailing the fitness regimen she's had for quite some time. The tabloid quotes from a Vogue interview Aniston did on wellness, but fails to tell readers that it was published nearly a year ago, in August of 2017. That was months before she and Theroux broke up, but the magazine is misleadingly trying to connect Aniston's comments to her post-split life.

Just as those remarks had nothing to do with looking good out of "revenge," neither does the "Friends" star's current appearance. Aniston also showed off her enviable bikini body on a Mexican vacation with Theroux last December. Photos indicate there is no difference in the way she looks between then and now. Us Weekly even has a photo gallery filled with Aniston bikini shots from 2004, before she and Brad Pitt divorced, through 2016, while she was with Theroux. The images make clear Aniston's appearance has remained consistent.

Aniston isn't looking fit these days because she's getting "revenge" on Pitt and Theroux. She has always been fit. And wearing a bikini certainly isn't new, either. Additionally, the notion that she was showing her exes "exactly what they're missing" is laughable considering these latest bikini pictures of Aniston were taken by paparazzi, who were using long lenses and infringing on her privacy as she relaxed at a private pool. This was not a display for the benefit of her former significant others, or for anyone at all.

There are also glaring factual errors here, with Theroux referred to as Aniston's "ex-husband," and Pitt described as her "on-off boyfriend." Both designations are entirely false. Neither Aniston nor Theroux has filed for divorce, making it impossible for him to be "ex-husband." And as established earlier this year, Pitt and Aniston haven't seen one another "in ages." Nothing has been "on" between them for more than a decade.

Of course, New Idea has printed story after story this year baselessly claiming the former spouses are back together. Just three weeks ago, the outlet even announced Aniston was "finally pregnant," after similarly claiming she was pregnant with Pitt's baby in May. Notably, this new piece about her "washboard abs" doesn't say anything about a pregnancy. The publication also makes no mention of Aniston supposedly spending $100,000 on a makeover to show Theroux "what he's missing," which is the narrative it peddled in June.

That omission is curious since this article offers a similar storyline. The lack of consistency is indicative of how the tabloid seems to make up its stories as it goes along. And, as demonstrated here, this latest angle is just as manufactured and bogus as its past ones.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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