Jennifer Aniston Can’t Choose Between Brad Pitt, John Mayer And Justin Theroux?

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From left to right, four separate pictures of Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, John Mayer and Justin Theroux.

By Hugh Scott |

From left to right, four separate pictures of Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, John Mayer and Justin Theroux.

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Jennifer Aniston is loving the attention she’s receiving from three of her exes, according to a report in a tabloid this week. The actress has been seen with all three recently and can’t choose between Brad Pitt, John Mayer, and Justin Theroux says one report.

According to OK!, Aniston is “Torn Between Her Exes” after “enjoying quality time” with all three. An insider snitches to the magazine: “After all the attention they’ve been giving her, Jen’s become obsessed with her exes.” The source says the Friends star “can’t deny” her feelings for them. “It’s made her feel a little guilty. You don’t need a magnifying glass to see that Jen’s in a quandary because she can’t decide which one she wants to be with.”

Gossip Cop has investigated the story and can thoroughly debunk it. None of it is true. The phony report goes on to make a bogus case for each ex-turned-suitor with the questionable source commenting on each one. First, the article contends that Theroux has “hardly gone out of his way to keep his devotion a secret.” The supposed “insider” alleges, “Their marriage may have been a failure, but the sparks are still there. They text and talk all the time and he worships her on social media.”

Next up is Mayer. The suspicious insider seems to know all about Aniston’s current relationship with the Dead & Co. guitar player as well. The anonymous source says, “They were a little flushed, and it was hard for John to wipe the smile off his face — he’s carried a torch for Jen all these years,” after the couple was spotted out at a bar together. How the insider seems to know so much is unclear, especially after only saying they were spotted at a bar. Wouldn’t a true insider do more than just observe Aniston in public like a stalker?

Still, this seemingly omniscient source also claims to even know all about Aniston’s current status with Brad Pitt. The unnamed source says, “Jen loves Brad’s company. They can talk for hours about the arts, work, his kids.” This supposed tipster asserts Pitt has been trying to get back together with Aniston ever since he split from Angelina Jolie more than three years ago.

Finally, the ridiculous story wraps up by contending that “Brad is leading the race” to win Aniston’s affections. “He was her first great love,” the seemingly made-up source says. “All of Jen’s feelings have come rushing back, and she’s giving in to them.” The source even alleges the two “have recently been enjoying overnight dates at Jen’s mansion” and that Aniston believes “Brad’s always been The One.”

There is a lot to unpack from this absurd report. While it’s true that Aniston clearly has a healthy relationship with all three men, it is definitely not true that she is dating any of them, much less all three. Just because she hangs out with them from time to time or one reacts to a post on her Instagram feed, that doesn’t mean it’s anything more than being friends. The tabloid seems to be obsessed with creating a false narrative surrounding Aniston’s love life. A rep for Aniston went on the record explaining that the story is not true.

It’s hardly shocking that OK! would invent this whole thing. The tabloid has a history of faulty reporting on Aniston’s love life, especially with Pitt. Last month, Gossip Cop called out the publication for claiming that Aniston had met Pitt’s kids and, according to an anonymous source, they “took to her so well. They all thought she was really nice and totally cool.” This story was also denied by Aniston’s rep and unsurprisingly, this latest story makes no mention of this alleged meeting because it never took place. It didn’t take place last August either when the tabloid made a similar assertion.

As for her relationship with her other ex-husband, OK! purported two months ago that Aniston couldn’t move on from Theroux. Once again, a questionable source was quoted as saying, “She’s been out with several guys, but nothing’s really clicked for her, and she doesn’t want to rush into anything,” and that she is “hopelessly stuck” on Theroux. Like we’ve done hundreds of times, Gossip Cop debunked these wild claims about Aniston’s love life, just as we did in November 2018 when the same exact tabloid claimed Aniston broke down in tears after running into to Theroux. This publication just can’t give it up!

Almost unbelievably, this same outlet published a report last March claiming Aniston was dating Pitt and Mayer at the same time. This time, the tabloid’s source was singing a different tune about Pitt, saying, “She has a history of jumping into relationships, so with Brad she plans to keep it easy — no strings attached. They don’t want things to get messy.” A year later, the magazine is claiming Pitt is “The One.” Of course, Gossip Cop completely busted this story as well, as once again Aniston’s rep went on the record with us to deny it. Nothing the publication reports on Aniston can be believed.


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