Jennifer Aniston is not sitting down for a "bombshell tell-all interview" in which she'll open up about Brad Pitt, her supposed plans to become a mom and what's in store for her future. One of this week's tabloids is pushing that premise, but there's no truth to it. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

The cover of this week's OK! is designed to look as if it features an exclusive interview with Aniston about her personal life, but the accompanying article simply states she plans to open up at a different venue at some point in the future. This aspect of the story isn't true either, so the misleading cover is just adding insult to injury.

An alleged insider is quoted as saying, "Jen is known for being tight-lipped about her life, but she's told friends she's gearing up to spill everything. Jen's fearless and eager to speak up - she's not going to hold back. She may cry, she may laugh, but she'll be honest. She's ready to break her silence."

Pitt will be one of the main topics of discussion, according to the tabloid. The magazine contends that Aniston plans on opening up about the end of their marriage, as well as where they stand today. "She's always loved Brad and called him her 'soulmate,'" says the questionable tipster, adding that her friends believe she and Pitt might get back together.

From there, the seemingly phony source says Aniston will use her "tell-all interview" as an opportunity to reveal her alleged adoption plans. "When she was with Brad, she put babies on hold because she was too focused on her career, and that's something she's come to regret," adds the anonymous insider. "But she's told friends she never gave up hope and knows adoption is the way to go." The tabloid concludes its piece by maintaining that Aniston also plans to address "aging in Hollywood" and the future of her career.

At no point in the outlet's phony story is it ever mentioned when or where Aniston's "tell-all" is taking place. The publication doesn't mention if the actress plans to sit down for a TV or a print interview. Are we to believe the magazine knows everything Aniston plans to discuss in her "bombshell" interview, but not a single detail about how the interview is being conducted?

Gossip Cop checked in with Aniston's rep, who confirms that every aspect of the magazine's story is untrue. The actress isn't close to rekindling a romance with Pitt, she's not adopting a child, and she's not sitting down for an interview to discuss these imaginary scenarios. Aniston's rep, who's qualified to speak on her behalf, assures us the tabloid's cover story is "completely false."

Additionally, it's rather strange for OK! to say that Aniston might get back together with her ex-husband. Less than a month ago, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for falsely claiming Aniston and Pitt had rekindled their romance and it was getting "very serious" between them. The tabloid can't be bothered to keep its own bogus storylines consistent.

Meanwhile, this idea of the actress doing a "tell-all" is an old and tired narrative. In May, Gossip Cop busted OK!'s sister publication, In Touch, for wrongly reporting Aniston would be "confronting her past" in an interview that would cover her marriages to Pitt and Justin Theroux. Shortly before that, the same magazine insisted Aniston was planning a tell-all TV interview about her marriages. Gossip Cop won't even mention the many "tell-all books" the actress was supposedly writing. This latest take on the subject is more nonsense.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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