Truth About Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt’s ‘Honeymoon’ In Paris

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Paris Honeymoon

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Paris Honeymoon

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt did not go on a honeymoon in Paris, despite an absurd tabloid report. The ex-spouses aren’t back together in any capacity, let alone are they married again. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story.

Last month, Gossip Cop busted New Idea for falsely claiming Pitt and Aniston get married at her 50th birthday party. The actress’s rep assured us on the record that the article was ridiculous. Additionally, the actor’s divorce from Angelina Jolie has yet to be finalized, meaning he’s still legally married.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the magazine from publishing a follow-up story about Pitt and Aniston jetting off to Paris for a secret honeymoon. A supposed source tells the outlet, “Paris has always had a special place in Brad and Jen’s heart. They’ve had lots of great holidays there over the years and it really is the city of love for them.”

Here’s what’s true about the tabloid’s story: Pitt visited Paris last week. Here’s what’s false: everything else. For starters, there’s zero indication that Aniston was overseas last week. There aren’t any photos of the actress out and about in Paris. Pitt, however, was spotted several times in the city, including by himself on his hotel balcony.

Are we expected to believe that Aniston went unnoticed while accompanying her ex-husband to Paris? That’s highly unlikely, and even more improbable if the two were on a “romantic getaway” filled with dinners and sightseeing, as the tabloid claims.

The magazine’s story is both illogical and based on a premise we already debunked. Additionally, separate reps for both Pitt and Aniston have assured us countless time they’re not back together. The exes are on friendly terms, which is the reason he stopped by her 50th birthday bash last month. Reputable outlets such as E! News, however, have also noted that Pitt and Aniston “definitely aren’t dating or on that path.”

It’s worth noting, Gossip Cop busted New Idea last August for falsely claiming Pitt and Aniston went on a honeymoon in Italy after getting married again. The unreliable tabloid seems to have forgotten all about that bogus storyline. Last September, Gossip Cop called out the publication for making up a story about Pitt and Aniston having a baby together. This latest article makes no mention of a child.

Not only does New Idea come up with new narratives on a whim, it then pretends those narratives never existed and creates new ones. In the fantasy world created by the tabloid, Pitt and Aniston have gotten married twice and went on separate honeymoons to both Paris and Italy, all in a matter of months. There’s simply no truth to the magazine’s ongoing saga.


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