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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are "finally out of hiding," according to an untrue tabloid cover story. While it's being claimed they were "spotted in wine country," no such sighting ever happened because no such outing ever took place. Gossip Cop can bust this article and explain where it came from.

These bogus allegations can be found in the newest issue of OK! Australia, which alleges Aniston and Pitt recently had a "romantic getaway" to "rekindle their romance." A so-called "source" claims they've been "spending a lot of time together," but the contention that they went to "Northern California's wine country" with one another originates from Blind Gossip. The magazine points to an item from the rumor-focused site, which wrote earlier this month about a "very famous actress" who was "spotted with... her ex-husband."

That lone report, which did not name either of the people who were supposedly seen together, is the basis for this cover story. Curiously, though, no specific winery was named nor was a date given. Most notably, no credible publication has reported anything about Aniston and Pitt going on a getaway together, and no photos have surfaced to substantiate this conspiracy theory. In fact, OK! tries to dupe readers with old pictures of Pitt and Aniston separately with glasses of wine, even as it admits, "Nothing officially links the duo to the [Blind Gossip] story."

Still, the print outlet goes on to quote a purported "insider," who maintains the former spouses "are in love" and have "bonded like never before" in the wake of their respective splits from Justin Theroux and Angelina Jolie. It's even alleged that Pitt has realized that leaving Aniston for Jolie was one of his "biggest mistakes." These statements, however, appear to have been plagiarized from a variety of bogus In Touch stories that were published last November and in January.

Gossip Cop busted those tall tales when they first came out, and they're not suddenly accurate, legitimate assertions now that they're being repeated months later. That this tabloid is copying from old debunked reports without attribution and is using a Blind Gossip item as the basis for its main premise underscores how phony this cover story is. As Gossip Cop and other reputable places like People have already reported, Pitt and Aniston haven't seen each other in ages. And while they occasionally keep in touch, Aniston and Pitt are not dating, secretly or otherwise.

It's also worth noting that this nonsense about the pair coming "out of hiding" makes no mention of the magazine's story two months ago in which it claimed Pitt and Sienna Miller were "preparing to go public" with a romance. Also not mentioned is its December piece about the actor spending Christmas with Angelina Jolie, or the article it peddled just two weeks ago about Pitt being "obsessed" with Margot Robbie. Clearly the outlet's take on things is far from okay.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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