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A report claiming Jennifer Aniston is "psyched she and & Brad Pitt are friendly again" is made-up. In addition, the story's allegations are also provably untrue. Gossip Cop can bust the bogus article.

HollywoodLife purports to have "exclusive details" on how Aniston is "feeling relieved that she's friends... again" with her ex-husband in the wake of her separation from Justin Theroux. The site claims that after her split, the actress has "recently become friends with the newly single Brad again after years of not being in touch." To add credence to this tale, a so-called "friend of Jennifer's" is quoted as saying, "Jennifer is psyched that she and Brad are friends again."

But the timing of these contentions indicate this story was untruthfully manufactured. The former spouses didn't "recently become friends again," and her split with Theroux hasn't changed anything. In March of 2017, Gossip Cop confirmed, and multiple other outlets also reported, that Aniston and Pitt were in touch and considered themselves "friendly." That was more than a year ago. Nothing suddenly happened "recently."

If HollywoodLies, as the blog is nicknamed, had a real source, it would know that. The website made this same mistake roughly two weeks ago when it made-up a story asserting that Pitt's mom was "so happy" he and Aniston were talking "again." The claim made no sense, given that the exes have been communicating here and there for more than 12 months. Pitt's mother wouldn't be reacting now to something that is essentially old news. Clearly the claims were both wrong and made-up.

Getting back to this latest concoction, it becomes even more clear as it goes on that the outlet doesn't have any real inside knowledge. The purported pal refers to a "dinner party" where Aniston supposedly "admitted that she still thinks [Pitt's] the hottest man she's ever been with." Tellingly, there's no specifics about when or where this confession allegedly happened, besides the vague references to "a few weeks ago" and "in L.A." It's also not said to whom the "Friends" star allegedly made such an admission.

The online publication's clearly fictional insider then claims Aniston's "attraction" to Pitt is "still alive and well," and maintains there's still an "undeniable chemistry between them," so "anything is possible" for a renewed romance "down the line." But People has actually outlined why an Aniston-Pitt reunion is "unlikely," and part of the reasoning goes against this obvious nonsense from HollywoodLies. In addition to confirming they haven't seen one another in person "in ages," the magazine points out that they after having separate lives for more than a decade, "They have become totally different people than who they once were when they were together."

The credible outlet further deemed their romantic connection "ancient history," stressing, "They're not stupid. They remember why it didn't work." With HollywoodLies and its almost assuredly invented source essentially claiming the opposite, it's apparent its narrative shouldn't be trusted. The site further alleges that Aniston's friends are concerned she'll get her heart broken again by Pitt, a notion that is implausible given that they have no intention of reuniting and her pals would obviously know that. It's evident this article was wholly made-up, which an Aniston confidante confirms, telling Gossip Cop on background that the story is "a fabrication."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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