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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's friends are not urging them to have a "fairy tale ending," despite reports. While the gossip media keeps spreading claims about a "reunion," there won't be one. Such reconciliation stories remain untrue. Gossip Cop can bust the latest ones.

According to The Inquisitr, Aniston has "turned to" Pitt in the wake of her separation from Justin Theroux, and the exes are now on their way to "renewing their romance." The site alleges the actress is "feeling increasingly ready to let him back into her life, making their pals hopeful for that happy ending." These allegations were picked up from the tabloid Closer, which quotes one so-called "pal" as saying, "Everyone would love to see Brad and Jen get back together. It would be the perfect fairy tale."

"For the moment, it's baby steps, but they are forming a friendship again," contends the gossip magazine's supposed source. Meanwhile, the website maintains, "Limiting their relationship to a friendship hasn't stopped their mutual pals from hoping for more." The blog goes on to claim, based on the print story, that Pitt has been helping Aniston through her breakup, even asserting he's "succeeded in using humor to boost Jennifer's mood."

Curiously, the online publication has left out one aspect of the original report. Closer also claims in its article that Aniston is "leaning on" Gerard Butler, too. Its purported source alleges her former co-star has been "getting her out of the house and planning long hikes." Of course, in actuality, Aniston and Butler were last photographed at an event in 2010 and haven't been seen out together in years. Furthermore, it was the untrustworthy RadarOnline and National Enquirer who first tried to wrongly link him to her split from Theroux last month.

That the tabloid is now similarly dragging Butler into its storyline suggests that it is not very credible. In addition, the allegation that she and Pitt are now "forming a friendship again" doesn't hold up considering they've been in touch in years past. In fact, People reported a year ago, and Gossip Cop confirmed at the time, that Pitt and Aniston were texting. There's been no sudden change in their dynamic simply because she recently separated from Theroux.

And that gets right to the heart of this phony premise, that Pitt and Aniston's friends want them back together for a "fairy tale ending." As their pals already know, an Aniston-Pitt reunion is unlikely. They have lived separate lives for years and have grown into different people than they were when they were married. The problem is that the gossip media has continued to tie the former spouses together in the decade-plus since they divorced, falsely making it seem like they could get back together at any moment.

Though Closer isn't going as far as claiming Aniston and Pitt have full-on reconciled, unlike some other unreliable publications, its contentions are still inaccurate, Gossip Cop is told by a confidante on background. No one in either star's inner circle is pushing them to reunite. Gossip Cop must also point out that The Inquisitr has been quick to repeat a lot of suspect claims lately, including the bogus (and ridiculous) allegation about Aniston and Pitt having a "wedding and a baby." The result, unfortunately, is that the internet gets flooded with falsehoods instead of the truth.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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