Jennifer Aniston NOT Wearing Brad Pitt’s Engagement Ring, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt Ring

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt Ring

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Jennifer Aniston was not spotted wearing Brad Pitt’s engagement ring, despite a provably untrue tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the ridiculous story. The ex-spouses haven’t rekindled their romance, let alone are getting married again.

Earlier this week, the actress was photographed wearing a piece of jewelry on her wedding finger while filming the upcoming Netflix movie Murder Mystery alongside co-star Adam Sandler. Dozens of celebrity outlets have established that the ring worn by Aniston was just a prop for the movie. And the reason it’s a prop, as explained in Netflix’s promotional materials for Murder Mystery, is that Aniston and Sandler’s characters are married. New Idea, however, is absurdly suggesting that the diamond was given to her by Pitt.

The unreliable magazine begins its piece by referencing this week’s In Touch cover story claiming that Pitt and Aniston got married again. The alleged ceremony was said to have taken place in Los Angeles earlier this month, just weeks ahead of what would have been their 18th wedding anniversary. One major problem with the tabloid’s phony article is that Aniston has been shooting Murder Mystery in Montreal since late June. The bigger issue is that she and Pitt haven’t reunited. Reps for both stars confirmed this earlier this week, while People recently reported that Aniston is “happily single.”

Still, New Idea sells its bogus article by saying that Aniston was “spotted wearing a wedding ring” following a report that she and Pitt “were recently married in a commitment ceremony.” Once again, the wedding ring is fake and Aniston isn’t back together with her ex-husband. It should also be noted, the magazine’s headline refers to the actress’s jewelry as an “engagement ring,” but the accompanying article calls it a “wedding ring.” Not only is the tabloid’s story false, it’s also inconsistent.

Here’s what happened. The magazine used a photo of Aniston wearing prop jewelry on the set of a movie and combined it with an untrue story about her marrying Pitt again. The publication then came up with the ludicrous notion that the ring came from Pitt. It actually came from the production designer of Murder Mystery. Every single aspect of the outlet’s article is wrong.

Pitt happens to currently be shooting a movie as well, the 1969-set Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Hopefully New Idea doesn’t see any photos of the actor on set, because the magazine might report that he traveled back in time. That would be as true a story as the outlet’s current one.

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Jennifer Aniston spotted wearing Brad Pitt’s engagement ring.


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