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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are not engaged, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can debunk the untrue report. OK! is trying to trick readers with old photos.

The cover of the new issue features separate images of Aniston and Pitt that were photoshopped together. The actress appears to be flaunting a big engagement ring, with the teaser declaring, "Brad Puts A Ring On It!" But this ring has nothing to do with the actor. The picture of Aniston was taken in 2015 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The bauble is her engagement ring from Theroux, who was there with her that night. The outlet is wrongly leading readers to believe it is a new ring from Pitt.

Inside the issue, the publication showcases a different ring. But that sparkler also has nothing to do with Pitt. As widely reported last month, Aniston was wearing a wedding ring for her latest movie. She stars in Netflix's Murder Mystery, in which her character is married, as announced back in June. A number of gossip outlets shamefully used those paparazzi pictures in July to falsely claim Aniston was wearing an engagement ring from Pitt. This was, and remains, utter fiction.

But now OK! is trying to pull the same stunt. The tabloid claims Aniston and Pitt are "ready to give forever another ago — and the proof is in the giant ring on her left hand." Of course, as detailed above, those rings featured by the magazine aren't "proof" of an engagement to Pitt at all. Still, a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "They realized they were always meant to be together in the end, and are quietly telling friends they plan on getting remarried." The outlet goes on to note that their original wedding anniversary passed last month, asserting, "Friends think the timing of Brad's proposal was no coincidence."

It's alleged Pitt "popped the question at mutual pal George Clooney's chateau in Sardinia, Italy, earlier this summer." Contends the outlet's untraceable source, "They flew in for a fun weekend with George and Amal, and after dinner one night, Brad surprised Jen with an engagement ring he'd designed himself." Notably, no specific date for this purported proposal is given, nor is it said just when they supposedly visited Clooney.

Furthermore, Clooney's famous estate is not located in Sardinia. Clooney's Italian villa is on Lake Como, which is hours away in an entirely different part of the country. Additionally, Aniston just spent last weekend at Clooney's home, joined by her Murder Mystery co-star Adam Sandler. As pictures show, Pitt was not a part of the visit.

The publication's factually flawed narrative continues with the claim that "marriage wasn't the only thing Brad proposed" during this alleged weekend rendezvous with Aniston and the Clooneys. "He told Jen he wants to have a baby with her," claims the untraceable "insider." What the tabloid doesn't tell readers is that it previously claimed in late May that Aniston was having a baby with Pitt, only to shoot down Aniston pregnancy rumors in early June, thereby refuting its own story.

Conclusion: OK! alleges Aniston and Pitt are engaged because she's supposedly wearing an engagement ring. But the photo featured on the magazine's cover is from 2015, when she was engaged to Justin Theroux. The photo inside the issue is from July, when she was wearing a prop ring for the movie Murder Mystery. Neither ring has anything to do with Pitt.

The outlet further claims the supposed proposal took place while Aniston and Pitt visited Clooney's "chateau in Sardinia." Clooney's famous Italian home is actually located in Lake Como, and while Aniston did recently visit the abode, Pitt was not with her. Lastly, this storyline is based around the false notion that the former spouses are back together. They are not. In fact, this cover story is so bogus, that a rep for Pitt, who is authorized to speak on his behalf, tells Gossip Cop, "There are no words." Aniston's spokesperson also tells us the contentions are flat-out "not true."

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are engaged again.
Thursday, August 9, 2018

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Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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