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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are buying a "dream home" together, according to yet another made-up report about the exes. Gossip Cop can bust this latest story. We can also explain how it came about.

Earlier this month, Blind Gossip posted an item about a "very famous actress" being seen in "Wine Country" with "her first ex-husband." The riddle, which remains unsubstantiated, did not name the parties supposedly involved. But that hasn't stopped tabloids from speculating the people in question are Aniston and Pitt. Of course, such a conspiracy theory is ridiculous. Aniston and Pitt haven't seen each other in ages, nor is there any evidence to suggest they were actually spotted together recently in Northern California.

Nevertheless, it appears the untrue rumor inspired New Idea to manufacture a related story about Aniston and Pitt making a "low-key visit to the Napa Valley in California's wine region to view properties." The gossip magazine specifically claims the "reunited lovers" are "splurging $25 million on their dream home." The "sprawling property" is said to have "enough room for the actor's six kids when they visit," as well as "enough room for a nursery, should the couple wish to start their own family someday soon."

"For Jen, it's a dream come true," a so-called "close source" is quoted as saying. The outlet's supposed snitch goes on, "She can just imagine herself entertaining friends and sitting on the porch with Brad, watching the sun set. She says they could move in now and it would be the perfect family home." What's more is the publication further claims "the couple plan to produce their own Californian wine and champagne."

Nowhere does the tabloid acknowledge that Pitt already produces wine with Angelina Jolie, through their French Miraval line, despite their estrangement. He is not now planning to further his involvement in the industry with Aniston. Of course, most importantly, the exes have not "reunited," and they never took a trip to "Wine Country" together, despite how many outlets repeat the same unsupported rumor.

On top of that, Gossip Cop is assured by an insider, speaking on the condition of anonymity, that since the pair currently have no significant involvement in each other's lives, they have no intention of purchasing a "Napa Valley estate" together. It's also worth noting that Aniston's Bel-Air home is not for sale, contrary to claims that surfaced following her split from Justin Theroux last month. While either she or Pitt could choose to expand their respective real estate portfolios, any such moves would be done separately.

As seen in our archives, New Idea has been churning out bogus stories about the former spouses for months now, even recently alleging Aniston and Pitt have plans for a "wedding and a baby." That was claimed after it was alleged they intended to have a "date" at the Oscars. Neither star ended up attending the Academy Awards. Fans shouldn't expect a wedding, baby or a "dream home" either.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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