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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are not "having a baby" together, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the report. Reps for both stars tell us there is zero truth to the allegations.

The new cover of In Touch features a picture of Aniston and Pitt with the declaration, "Jen & Brad: Let's Have A Baby!" The photo appears to show the former spouses posing together with the actress' arm around his waist. This is a photoshopped deception. The gossip magazine took a 2016 image of Pitt from his first appearance after his split with Angelina Jolie and used digital editing to replace Julia Roberts, with whom he actually posed, with Aniston. So the outlet is using an indisputable visual lie to sell this issue, which is filled inside with yet more lies.

The article begins with a 2006 quote from Aniston about wanting kids, and pivots to claim that 12 years later, she's "more determined than ever to have a baby" and "pals believe it will happen now that" Pitt is "back in her life." A so-called "friend" alleges the exes have "grown closer" and "reconnected" through their respective breakups. Contends this purported pal, "It's like destiny brought them together, and I can definitely see them having a child together." Of course, it doesn't matter one iota what an unnamed, untraceable and possibly nonexistent "friend" can see happening.

Still, the publication goes on to describe Pitt as "open to having more" kids and as having "babies on the brain" as he co-parents six children already with Jolie. A supposed "insider" claims about him and Aniston, "He and Jen have talked about moving in together and giving this another try. This could all lead to her finally having his baby." Oddly, this alleged tipster maintains they're "not even talking marriage yet" because they have "too much on their plate" with their show biz careers, but readers are simultaneously supposed to believe they have time to raise a newborn.

The aforementioned "friend" speculates about Aniston and Pitt potentially doing IVF, and dramatically exclaims, "It's the blockbuster news that friends, family and fans have been hoping for." The tabloid even goes as far as asserting they'll "conceive soon," and the baby will be "born next year." The magazine also regurgitates its already debunked claims about Aniston and Pitt moving in together. It's as if the outlet is reporting from some alternate reality because none of its contentions resemble what's actually going on with the former couple in the real world.

The truth is nothing is going on between them at all. As People reported earlier this year, and Gossip Cop has confirmed, Pitt and Aniston haven't seen one another "in ages" and don't speak regularly. That makes the notion that they're preparing to live together and have a baby laughable. Or, as a spokesperson for Pitt exclusively tells us, it's "absolutely ridiculous." Aniston's own rep further tells us this new cover story is "completely absurd and a total fabrication."

It should also be noted that In Touch has a history of falsely impregnating Aniston.

Conclusion: In Touch is using a photoshopped picture to sell a fabricated cover story about Aniston and Pitt having a baby together. The premise of the article is based on the notion that the exes have reconciled, which is indisputably untrue. Their individual reps have confirmed on the record that Aniston and Pitt are not back together, which reputable outlets like People have also reported. The tabloid, which relies on an unnamed "friend" for its claims, can't substantiate any of its allegations. In contrast, there is evidence that the stars haven't reconciled and this report was wholly manufactured.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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