Jennifer Aniston Pre-Wedding Boob Job Story Made Up By In Touch (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jennifer Aniston Boob Job

By Daniel Gates |

Jennifer Aniston Boob Job

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Jennifer Aniston is not getting a boob job, despite a mean-spirited article from In Touch, which claims the actress is getting plastic surgery before her wedding to Justin Theroux. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the report.

According to In Touch, Aniston “plans to go under the knife as she prepares to finally walk down the aisle.” Why? Well, the tabloid says the star was upset about criticism of her red carpet appearance during some recent awards shows. “She was hurt by the cutting online comments people made about how her breasts looked saggy,” says one In Touch “insider” who probably doesn’t exist.

The phony source tells the outlet, “She always prided herself on her breasts being one of her best assets, and she’s really sensitive about them not looking as good as they once did. She’s thought about getting her boobs done for years but never considered it a priority — until now. She wants to look her absolute best at her upcoming wedding.”

Aniston has already supposedly consulted with surgeons and is ready to get surgery, claims In Touch. The made-up “insider” tells the outlet that Aniston “wants to give herself a lift… She isn’t interested in changing her breast size, just in reversing gravity a little.” The magazine even prints a picture of Aniston with an arrow pointing at her “saggy boobs.”

What the magazine fails to do is mention the dozens of times it has spread falsehoods about the actress it’s bullying. In Touch is a shameless magazine that once fabricated a miscarriage story about Aniston and has proven itself to have no clue whatsoever about her life. The tabloid has repeatedly spread lies about Aniston being pregnant, or dumped, or having showdowns with Angelina Jolie. Time after time, the “sources” on which In Touch relies have proven themselves to be worthless. It might be time for In Touch to find someone new. As for the boob job story, a rep for Aniston tells Gossip Cop exclusively, it’s “completely absurd.”


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