Jennifer Aniston Boob Job Claim False

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Jennifer Aniston Boob Job 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Boob Job 2016

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Jennifer Aniston did NOT recently get a boob job, despite speculation from a certain webloid. Gossip Cop can bust the erroneous report about the star’s bust.

In a so-called “exclusive,” RadarOnline blares, “Say Hello To Jen’s New Friends! Top Docs Say Aniston Got A Boob Job.” Naturally, the site put together a photo gallery featuring pictures of Aniston’s chest, writing that she “looked bustier than ever before while out in NYC this past week and, according to several of the nation’s leading plastic surgeons, she appears to have had a boob job.”

Of course, the “7 shocking photos” aren’t proof of anything. Nor are the statements from the doctors who have never even met Aniston, let alone treated her. Still, that doesn’t stop the outlet from quoting one Beverly Hills plastic surgeon as ridiculously saying, “Jennifer has already made it on talent, so why not go for bigger boobs?”

The doc goes on to say Aniston “looks to have gotten her breasts augmented with a conservative B cup size implant.” Another speculates about a “vampire breast list,” while a third medical professional (cough) tells the blog, “Jennifer is definitely looking bigger on top.” More sensationally, he adds, “It could be weight gain, [but] it’s a breast augmentation until proven otherwise!”

Well, consider it proven otherwise. Instead of jumping to medical conclusions based on paparazzi photos, Gossip Cop instead went straight to Aniston’s camp. And her rep exclusively tells us that RadarOnline is “of course wrong once again.”

The spokesperson points out, “When exactly was she supposed to have gotten this surgery? She has been followed daily since her Caribbean vacation and there are photos of her everyday.” Incredibly, the site tried using those new pictures as its boob job evidence. Hey, we never said the boobs at RadarOnline were smart.

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Jennifer Aniston recently had a boob job.


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