Jennifer Aniston Birthday Vacation NOT To “Fix Broken Marriage,” Despite Report

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By Shari Weiss |

(Justin Theroux/Instagram)

(Justin Theroux/Instagram)

Jennifer Aniston is NOT on a birthday vacation to “fix” her supposedly “broken marriage” with Justin Theroux, despite a manufactured report. Gossip Cop can bust the sensational story.

Aniston and Theroux spent the weekend in Mexico, one of their favorite go-to destinations for special occasions. In this case, the couple was celebrating the actress’ 48th birthday. Theroux even posted the photo at right on Instagram, writing, “HBDJ <3 XO.”

But RadarOnline didn’t report that. Instead, the webloid announces in a headline “Still Got It? Jen’s Desperate Getaway To Fix Her Broken Marriage.” The site says, “Jennifer Aniston is a creature of habit, from her bikinis to her vacation spots, but as she approached 50, can she count on husband Justin Theroux sticking around?” Along with a gallery of paparazzi photos, it’s noted Aniston “stip[ped] down to a tiny suit to party into another year, amid rumors of relationship issues.”

“Birthday blues?” asks the webloid, further wondering, “Was the trip a last ditch effort to mend her broken relationship?” As proof for its speculation, the outlet writes, “The married couple ‘have been at each others’ throats ever since he found out’ she’s been comforting ex-husband Brad Pitt over his split with Angelina Jolie.”

If that sounds familiar, it’s because RadarOnline first tried peddling that exact claim more than two months ago, when it ran a false article about Aniston and Theroux having a “marriage meltdown” over Pitt. The allegations, however, weren’t true in December, and regurgitating them now in February doesn’t make them accurate.

And, astonishingly, after combining the new paparazzi photos from the (happy) vacation with the (debunked) rumor about marital issues, the online publication had the nerve to end its piece by writing, “Happy birthday Jen!” Gossip Cop isn’t sure whether to laugh or scream. Instead, we’ll just say what we started with: Aniston is NOT on a birthday vacation to fix her (not broken) marriage. Period.

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