Jennifer Aniston Did NOT Announce She’s Having Baby Via Surrogate, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Baby Surrogate December 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Baby Surrogate December 2015

(Life and Style)

Jennifer Aniston did NOT announce she’s having a baby via surrogate, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can bust the claim. No such announcement ever happened.

The new issue of Life & Style hit newsstands on Wednesday with the cover line, “Jen’s Announcement: I’m Having A Baby.” The magazine makes it seem like Aniston officially told the world about her motherhood plans. In the accompanying story, however, the situation is painted differently.

“Jen’s excitedly announced to her closest friends, ‘I’m having a baby,'” a so-called “pal” claims. Gossip Cop can’t imagine any “pal” spilling such an announcement to the tabloid. Nevertheless, the outlet insists Aniston and husband Justin Theroux are “using a surrogate to welcome a son.” But what about all the recent Life & Style covers that, ahem, announced Aniston was adopting a baby girl?

Well, now the magazine conveniently claims those plans “fell through,” and Theroux “recently suggested a different route to parenthood.” The supposed source alleges, “She and Justin are going to use his sperm and do in vitro fertilization with a surrogate. Jen’s already spoken to friends and contacted agencies about finding the perfect person to carry her and Justin’s baby.”

But Life & Style is the same outlet that said Aniston was pregnant in April and was dumped by Theroux in September. These are all tall tales the tabloid has been publishing over and over again for years, each a little different from the last but all rooted in fantasy, not reality. The magazine knows Aniston covers sell, and each is designed to mislead readers.

That’s exactly what’s going on here. Aniston did NOT announce she’s having a baby through surrogacy, despite the new Life & Style cover. Period.


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