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A story about Jennifer Aniston having a "baby secret" is made-up. It comes from the same tabloid that has wrongly claimed she's pregnant multiple times this year. Gossip Cop can bust it.

The article can be found in the new issue of New Idea, which purports to have photos showing "the exact time the former 'Friends' star decided she wanted children in her future." The pictures show Aniston with Noelle and Cali Sheldon, who shared the role of baby Emma on "Friends" back in 2003-2004. More than a decade later, the magazine is suddenly claiming this was a life-changing interaction for Aniston.

"Up until 'Friends,' Jen hadn't really ever thought about having a baby. She was of course also married to Brad [Pitt] and they were very much in love — but they hadn't started to talk or even think about starting a family," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. But, claims the outlet's untraceable source, "All that changed when she held baby 'Emma' for the first time." It's alleged Aniston "ended up spending a lot of time with the twin babies and carried them around the set all day, every day."

The publication maintains that "it was from that moment on that Jen knew she wanted to be a mum and have a baby of her own." The tabloid goes on to note, however, that Aniston has spoken out in recent years about rejecting the pressure on her to become a mother. Still, it's asserted she has "never given up on the chance to have a child of her own." Tellingly, though, the magazine doesn't say anything about Aniston currently being pregnant.

Less than a month ago, this same outlet announced Aniston was "finally pregnant" and had been seen "cradling a baby bump." The publication also declared Aniston was "pregnant and in hiding" in May. Neither purported pregnancy is mentioned in this new story, in which it's claimed she's "feeling the pressure to have a baby as soon as possible." It's also alleged that the actress is "back on the dating scene again," even though the tabloid has repeatedly insisted, including as recently as two weeks ago, that Aniston is back with Pitt and having a second wedding.

The inconsistences and blatant falsehoods are huge red flags proving that New Idea can't be trusted. These specific claims about Aniston being inspired to become a mother due to her to time on "Friends" don't stand up to scrutiny, either. The star has spoken about her time on the series at length over the years, including in her new InStyle cover story that came out just last week. But she has never said anything about her work with the Sheldon twins motivating her to have a child of her own.

And while the magazine is making it seem like Aniston spent an extensive amount of time with the then-babies, the Sheldons' respective IMDB pages show they appeared in only eight episodes of "Friends." The series had nearly 240 episodes total. That means just over three percent of Aniston's time starring on the program involved the twins. To contend roughly 15 years later that this was a life-changing interaction is more than a little far-fetched. Factoring in the outlet's history as well, all signs point to this narrative being wholly made-up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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