Jennifer Aniston Was NOT “Rejected” By Angelina Jolie, Despite Late And Wrong Report

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Jennifer Aniston Rejected Angelina Jolie

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Jennifer Aniston Rejected Angelina Jolie

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Jennifer Aniston was not “rejected” by Angelina Jolie, contrary to a report that’s both late and wrong. Gossip Cop has already corrected these untrue claims twice. But apparently we need to set the record straight for a third time because the misinformation is still spreading.

As we initially reported, on March 21 In Touch published a made-up cover story in which it was alleged Aniston had invited Jolie to dinner to make peace, only to be turned down. Gossip Cop learned, however, that no invitation was really extended in the first place. Unsurprisingly, HollywoodLife decided to pick up the fictional contentions and repeated them without any fact-checking. Now another site is also regurgitating the claims, more than a week after they were first debunked.

According to The Inquisitr, Aniston “thinks that this is the perfect time to patch things up” with Jolie since they are both going through divorces. “Jennifer invited Angelina for dinner, but the Oscar winner rejected her invitation,” asserts the blog, citing In Touch as its source. The website goes on to bring up Jolie talking about Pitt and Aniston in a 2006 Vogue interview, in which she said would “welcome” a meeting with Aniston, and opines, “However, it seems that she had a change of heart after her marriage failed.”

The outlet further maintains Aniston “doesn’t want to hold a grudge” against Jolie anymore because “things are allegedly going great for her and Brad Pitt,” and claims his mom is “happy that they are back in touch.” If that last bit sounds familiar, too, it’s because that is also a recycled allegation Gossip Cop has debunked. Last week, HollywoodLife fabricated a story about Pitt’s mom supposedly reacting to him talking again with his ex-wife. It was so manufactured and bogus that a rep for the actor branded the tale “just silly.”

Had The Inquisitr done some research online before copying the In Touch and HollywoodLife stories, it would’ve seen that all of the allegations had already been busted. Gossip Cop knows the publication is capable of fact-checking. It currently has another post up with the headline, “Angelina Jolie Not Demanding Brad Pitt To Dump Jennifer Aniston, Reports Gossip Cop.” That rightly references a debunking we did earlier this week.

It’s just not clear why the site seems to go with the facts sometimes and promote the false rumors other times when all of the corrections are readily-available online, often with on-the-record comments from spokespeople. That should trump the untraceable and unidentifiable “sources” and “insiders” that the gossip media often hides behind. There is simply no justification for spreading this fiction about Jolie “rejecting” Aniston without any new evidence or proof when it was already shot down twice.