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Jennifer Aniston's recent dig at Marvel movies wasn't a personal attack against Angelina Jolie, despite a ridiculous tabloid report. The claim otherwise is a major stretch. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

In an interview with Variety last month, Aniston said she had no interest in appearing in "big Marvel movies," and further suggested that superhero movies were "diminishing" the film industry. The actress only made the comment after being asked why she decided to return to TV with her new Apple series, The Morning Show. Aniston further noted that streaming services provide the opportunity to explore subject matter she finds more compelling.

According to the Globe, Aniston's comments about Marvel were a calculated attack against Jolie, who's starring in the upcoming Marvel movie Eternals. "Jen's never cared about these action-packed fantasy movies before, but all of a sudden she's slamming them just when Angie begins filming her first Marvel movie," an alleged insider tells the outlet. In reality, it was purely coincidental. Aniston was simply asked to comment on the changing nature of the movie business and how streaming services fit into the equation.

Still, the outlet's anonymous source maintains that Aniston's "nasty sneak attack" was aimed at Jolie. The allegations don't stop there. The unknown tipster further contends that the Friends star has also been going around bashing Jolie's Maleficent sequel, supposedly telling people, "Angie's new movie sucked." The seemingly phony source continues, "She hates Angie more than ever for stealing [Brad Pitt] and then splitting from him. To Jen, it feels like Angie broke her heart for no good reason, and she's determined to make her pay."

The unidentified source goes on to say that Aniston is planning more attacks in future interviews and appearances, adding, "Jen's going to fling [insults] where they hurt most - at Angie's huge ego! She's telling friends that everyone knows Angie's just doing Eternals for the money." This same "insider" also purports to know how Jolie feels about the situation. "Jen's diss isn't going to be forgotten," says the seemingly nonexistent source. "It's opened up another can of worms in this feud. Angie isn't exactly the forgive-and-forget type."

As noted above, the publication's story make very little sense. Aniston was simply addressing a topic that was thrown her way during an interview. It's also a topic that's very pertinent to the actress's current career trajectory, so it's not as if the conversation was random. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with Aniston's spokesperson, who dismissed the tabloid's report as nonsense. The actress's comments about Marvel movies had nothing to do with Jolie and weren't some sort of intentional "attack" against her. Meanwhile, the idea that Aniston is going around bashing Maleficent 2 is just silly. She has her own projects to focus on.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time the tabloid has printed fiction about the two actresses. Last year, the magazine falsely claimed the reason Jolie was battling Pitt for custody of their kids is because she discovered he was hooking up with Aniston. That premise was totally absurd. Just one month later, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for coming up with a contradictory story about Jolie begging Pitt to take her back and dump Aniston. This latest article focuses slightly less on Pitt and more on Aniston and Jolie's so-called "feud." Although the two actresses won't be grabbing coffee together anytime soon, both have moved on with their lives and there's no active drama.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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